Blizzard API returns a 404 error for some characters

My characters are on EU Ravencrest
Each time i request data the api returns a 404 error
Character tested Kekron, Jizzlebeam, Erinath
Even on 3rd party sites that use the api i get the same error. please help

Most common reason is when you haven’t played (signed in and out) with that char for a while, could that be the case ?

Nope these are active characters i play on a daily basis

I just tested and they are also hidden from the official armory search. I could find them by typing the URL myself on wow website.

Unless you requested anything related to GDPR or other privacy stuff to hide a character this is indeed a bug.

i asked a copy of the data blizzard has on me. I never asked them to hide it or anything

I don’t know if that might be related, but there are only 3 scenarios as far as I remember that would cause a character not being visible through the API:

For the last scenario we still don’t know exactly what actions would trigger this. I think it would be a good idea for you to also open up a ticket just in case. It can take a while to get an official reply here.

I hope this info can help you solve this somehow. Good luck.

Check here:

Maybe the section " Share my game data with community developers " is disabled.


I cant express my gratitude for your post. I ve been in contact with blizzard support about this and i got nonsense respone with 0 help.

Your suggestion solved my problem. Once again…THANK YOU.