Blizzard Agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up

Blizzard Agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up…
More help: BLZBNTBNA00000005

I’ve cleared my %ProgramData%\Blizzard Entertainment\ folder and restarted and the issue persists.


same,reinstalled the app and now its stuck on COD:MW Update

I can’t even re install it. It freezes in “updating blizzard agent” in the instalation window :frowning:


you need to clear blizzard stuff in task manager then delete blizzard stuff in %ProgramData% then you can reinstall

This did not work for me deleting the folder in program data allowed my app to start but it cannot find COD:MW. I have a button that says “Install” but when you click that it get stuck trying to install. Also I have no idea where the game is installed to try and point it to that location.


Same issue here. Tried restarting PC and everything.

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I think the app is having issues communicating with the server I have this issue too.

Im having the same issue… tried what you tried and even more, nothing comes out. GG Blizzard… yesterday the COD WARZONE servers were laggy af.

Same here, deleting cache & reinstalling didn’t work as well.

I believe its just Blizzard servers, problems on the outage detector are spiking

Has the Blizzard Agent contacted Coronavirus?

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Your games list isn’t showing but you can still play your games. Just find the application file. example …/…/World of Warcraft/ _ retail _ /Wow
It might be different for some other games.

The program is absolute trash. It has done this since Overwatch came out and still not fixed. Done everything reinstalled delete programdata etc. I have it on a side drive cause I don’t want their bullsh*t on my c drive. Garbage honestly worse than Origin when BF 4 dropped.

Worked all day today playing. Then come back from work didn’t restart pc left pc open… Doesn’t work lol What a trash program. Yo 20 bucks to anyone by the time D4 drops it still won’t be fixed it will be a deal breaker for me if I have to constantly try to fix this crap. No other game has any problem like this client.

Get it to work. Click where my game files are says to update even though no new update was out today and was playing before. Now its just stuck and if I close this crap program will prob ask me to download an 84gig game to just get it to work lol What a bull S program. What ever dumb asses they have working on this its honestly a durrr program. They have no clue.

I didn’t know I had an agent, let alone that he’s sleeping.

And yes, thats the last game Im buying from blizard


Same issue. Almost like forcing all games to be accessed from a launcher instead of just running the program is a terrible idea

Ehh I’m done. I did everything on their page to do. I will not waste my time installing a game over again for the 2nd time. I’m going back to Apex.


same thing here exactly

Updated Nvidia Drivers, restarted and even tried to uninstall/reinstall app but cant do that cause its still running in the background somehow. You seem to always find a way to have a broken and buggy system blizz.