Bizarre Armory Tmog Bug

I have no idea how to fix this even GM Ixzall did’nt know, except to suggest a bug report here. So my main character is not loading textures? and gone red transparent.
Who knows the cause, however can this be reported to someone who works on the Wow Armory site as its not a good look, no clue if there are others affected.

Many thanks for any help!

worldofwarcraft dot blizzard dot com/en-gb/character/eu/stormscale/shadeus

Oh, don’t mangle links like that.

  1. Copy the URL of to the clipboard
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  5. The result will be similar to this…

As a test, would it be possible to craft / buy some really cheap, low-level equipment, put it onto your hero, log out whilst wearing that, and seeing if the new gear is still transparent or not. If not, at least you know it’s something to do with your hero’s current gear.

Hi Meteorblade,

Thanks for the reply … and a good thought to try troubleshooting. So yes I’ve tried basic items and logging out etc. , I just now tried no items, but its still showing the character model as transparent red

Appears to be specifically a character model issue and not the items I am wearing at a any given moment.

Its super strange =[