Beta Shadowlands

Blizzard beta client installed the shadowlands beta client on my computer on my own, when I don’t have the shadowlands beta.
Hence the question of how this could have happened.

You likely opted in for Shadowlands beta testing at one point in time and we’re randomly selected. Happens often.

That is unless you are one-hundred percent sure you are not opted in for beta tests. You can check this on Blizzards official website. Make sure you check that the website is secure and has a secure connection.

If this is legit you should be pretty happy - lots of folks really want in and opt in over and over and will likely not get a beta invite!

If you’re still not sure as to why this happened feel free to ask more questions. Monitoring the forums out of boredom today.

Over and out, for now,

Mapdap - Mankrik (US)

I opted in for the Shadowlands beta testing but cannot get in to the game how do I get in to it ? somehow it gave me the bate but it will not let me in to the bate why ? it came up on the battle net and told me to download the bate app so I did but I cannot get in to the bate why ?

Hey Jenifernixon,

You may have better luck posting your question in the World of Warcraft Customer Support forum. There’s lots of knowledgeable folks that post there who may be able to clarify things.