Behavior warning by the money bots

So these bots come into the server daily, and i tell people to report them because they are selling gold for money. I tell people in chat to report them, now these bots are reporting me and i got a behavior warning tf any ideas?

The bots are unlikely to be reporting you. Bots don’t care what you say and they can’t see who/if they are reported. Normally they use stolen accounts of their “customers” to do this - make a char, spam with it, delete it, then make a new one and repeat. Gold/RMT sellers are a scourge and have been for the 20 years WoW has been out. They will never go totally away as long as they think they can make a buck.

Thank you for reporting them! Keep doing that with the right click report functions. It counts one report per Bnet, so reporting them on each char you have won’t help (just in case you were trying that). Just report them once and move on.

Your suggestions to others though…

Your fellow realm mates may feel differently about the volume of your suggestions, if you are spamming chat with it. People most certainly SHOULD report gold spammers as Spam. However telling people to do that all day may cause others to report you as spam too.

Regardless, a warning is just that, a warning. It means other players from multiple different Bnet accounts reported you within a short period of time. It aims to help you curb your own behavior so you don’t end up at the GM report level.

GMs can not see what you were warned for - the warning is a low level automation step. It does not count against your account, and is not a penalty. It does not stay on your account.

You can read more about the WoW warning system here:

Common Problems

  • I received a warning notice for my behavior in World of Warcraft but I don’t deserve it
  • I was reported by trolls and got a warning notice, I never violated the in-game behavioral policies in World of Warcraft

If you are reported several times in World of Warcraft for violating the in-game rules, the game will send you a warning letting you know that you will need to be careful or you may get a silence or suspension in game. This is completely automated and cannot be seen or modified by Customer Support. If you receive one of these warnings, it is recommended that you make sure you are adhering to the In-Game Code of Conduct.

If your warning leads to a silence or suspension, you can submit an appeal and Customer Support will be able to review the reports that were made against your account at that time.

If you have further questions about the policy or system, the WoW Customer Support forum serves as an Information Desk to help people navigate the ticket/knowledge base website, explain policies, explain services, etc. There are no GMs there, but they can help answer questions and provide guidance.