Battletag is missing


I am using the API to log in to my application. All users who log in return the tags “sub” “id” and “battletag”. But there is one user for which the battletag is not returned. This is a problem because I use the battletag to view his Warzone stats.

If someone can help me…thanks!!!

Not all accounts have Battle.tag, like brand new accounts…

Ahh! Ok, I understand but, How I can obtain a battletag to retrieve my Warzone stats from activision API?

You can help me? Thanks!!

Any Blizzard game API will work only if the person has the game (WoW, D3, etc) and has the 3rd party data sharing enabled on their account.

A quick search indicates there is not an official CoD API. All there is are people stealing data from CoD official websites to build their own custom apps.

If there is an official API for CoD or Activision consider that a fair use of their data you should seek support from Activision. This forum is about Blizzard APIs for Blizzard game titles listed here: Blizzard Developer Portal