Battlenet UI corruptions

In the Battlenet portion of Multiplayer, the UI doesn’t fully clear and redraw when the UI changes. The only things that don’t cause the issue are the 5 button on the side of the chat lobby UI.

It’s the same in WC2 and D1.

During connection:

Popup errors while logging in:

Using Create Account and Change Password buttons:

Clicking Whisper button:

Looking a player profile:

Have you looked into github cnc-ddraw builds? I believe gog uses an earlier version of this… not sure.
Github cnc-ddraw


gog uses there own ddraw wrapper by it doesn’t work well with the GDI text so they suggest disabeling it for playing online.

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I Have to agree with max here… I download the github CNC-DDRAW And now it works just as it should. I just copied the files into my warcraft 2 folder i got from installing it with the battle net client. and now everything is gone and its more perfect than ever. its the Github cnc-ddraw

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Thanks Maxx444 and the github creator, FunkyFr3sh. This worked for me! War2 awesomeness!