D1 Black Screens and Crashes

I have a Desktop and a Laptop. I installed Diablo 1 on both.

After getting past the DirectDraw/DirectX issue on both, each is behaving differently.

My desktop D1 seems to run fine for the most part.

However, on my laptop, D1 constantly:

  1. Crashes to desktop either right at launch, or after the Blizzard North splash.
  2. Goes to a black screen after the Blizzard North splash. However, the game is still running. I can hear the menu music and I can use the keyboard to move the mode selector around. I can use ESC key to exit the client normally. There’s just no picture.

Here’s the issue: Either of those happens ~9 out of 10 times, meaning, it takes forever just to get the game to open correctly once.

Software wise, everything should be close to identical on both, so it seems to be coming down to difference in hardware/drivers. My laptop is newer than the desktop by good handful of years.

On a side note, both the desktop and laptop experience the whacked out Battlenet UI.


same here, any suggestions to fix this?. BTW i find really unprofessional from blizzard to lunch something that doesnt work … did they even test it??

I have the same problem, and I found an error when I want to request a refund for the game. So, I don’t know what to do, i am very angry.

The refund system does work, but you must contact Blizzard directly.

Submit a support ticket. You can and click on the following link and go through these steps:

  1. Click on the link below and choose ACCOUNT.
  2. Click on the CONTACT SUPPORT button.
  3. Click on PAYMENTS.
  4. Click on REFUNDS.
  5. Click on CONTINUE
  6. You should see “Which order would you like to refund?”
  7. Diablo 1 should be there and click on that and go forward accordingly.

Here’s the link:


The way Diablo’s menu is drawn violates the GDI api, this has been causing various render issues since time immemorial, and I’m guessing this is also the cause of the stability issues on your laptop. Since the actual game doesn’t do this you might be able to get in game by just pressing enter a few times (might have to enter a name at some point).

Alternativly you could also try using the DevilutionX client to run the game.

Same here, crushing and crushing. The support is not helpful at all. I got response like “try to solve it by yourself”.
Filed refund…

Yeah, it sucks.

If you still want to play, GoG’s Diablo 1 works fine.

The Battlenet gateway in GoG’s version is the same that Bliz’s version uses, so everyone connects to the same place.