Battlenet Launcher Last Played and Home Page

SO after finding a similar thread, that was locked, and the rep advising ot post in the right place, i found that thread locked too.

Stop locking threads if the issues keep comig back for starters,

Issue: Battlent launcher added 100% redundant Lats Played seciton without ability to remove it.
Also now spamming us ADs on Homepage, GO back to how we had it before. In fact I liked the games on the left bar vertically, and then the news for each game displayed on that game page. If i dont have the game, idgaf about what you want to sell me me for that game. It’s marketing as “we don’t want you to miss a deal” then add a general blizz home page option for ppl that care about that stuff.
Most of us have our games already listed and favourtited and only care about those games, we list them in order that we choose.
Whoever pushed the last two changes to GUI for last played and homepage should be fired and you just KNOW they got a promotion.

Get your act together Blizzard


Click the Blizzard icon in the top left corner. Then open Settings>App
find the Advanced Features section, and un-check the box to “Show Last Played bar”.

That will deal with that stupid redundant bar. In the section above that use the drop-down menu to pick “Last Viewed Game Page”, which should make it so you don’t launch right into all the ads etc.

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