desktop app - cant install any game

After installing the desktop app when I go to install any game I get stuck at the install screen. For example, when I try to install COD: MW I get stuck at the screen “Call of Duty: MW Installation” popup with the loading indicator in the bottom right spinning indefinitely.

I feel like I have tried everything I could find on this forum with no luck. I’ve also reinstalled windows.

Looking for help with how to resolve this issue.

Tech Specs:

  1. iMac Pro running boot camp
  2. Windows 10 - Fresh install

I have the exact same issue, or atleast did.
For me the issue is now after waiting an extremely long time on this loading screen to be able to click start install it now just hangs indefinitely on ‘waiting…’ for several hours.

Reinstalled the Windows Bootcamp several times.
Reinstalled several times with many issues.
Reinstalled wow directly and that just didn’t work at all.

I tried looking to network issues but other applications seem to install just fine.

im running win 10 on pc and that infinite “waiting” also happening to me…
blizz use to have it better back in the days, this client sucks

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Having the exact same issue for World of Warcraft Classic

Using a 2019 iMac Pro running bootcamp
Fresh 19041.329 Windows 10 Home build

Tried running admin, reinstalling bnet and app data/win10, local admin account, firewall/security disabled and exceptions.

I ran the solution from here, which got me to the prompt screen to install on harddrive location, but now Im just stuck in waiting… mode

After relaunch of BNet I get the Blizzard Agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up…

Really frustrating as I’m using this work computer as my primary now I’m WFH.


I fixed this.

So you need to switch to WIFI on your iMac in Win10. This will let BNet handshake with your computer for whatever reason.

Then download the latest NIC driver at Aquantia’s website.
iMac Pro 2017 NIC model is AQC-107s

Disconnect WIFI, go back to LAN and ya good to go!

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The wifi fix doesnt help me because I dont have WiFi on my desktop. Just started having this issue yesterday with Cold War. I was able to play it when it first came out then all the sudden yesterday Ive been unable to log in to the cod servers or get past that screen. Ended up trying to reinstall cod cold war and now Im stuck like OP was with it just infinitely loading the install screen. Made a new admin account, reinstalled the launcher multiple times, etc etc and nothing works. Getting pretty fed up with this.

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Hi can you share the link where you got the driver? I am having issues as well with my NIC card thanks

Same here, nothing works, I’ve tried actaully everything, nothing works. It’s stuck on the Installation page with the game content, install location, and default language and the little loading icon in the bottom right. i hate this, its infuriating. I’ve left it loading for hours and nothing changes. I have no idea how to fix it. I beg you blizzard, please, tell me how to fix this.

for me, I can’t even play my
games. I’ve entered a code for Overwatch, it says that it is installed, but there is nowhere to play it. pls help.

Got the same problem, built a new PC, reinstalled the app, and now every time I start it, I get the “Blizzard Agent went to sleep” Error.

If I manage to get it running in immediately run into the problem that I cannot install any games and I just get stuck in the “waiting” part of the installation (after selecting the save location, before the download actually starts).

I tried everything from reinstalling the App to completely resetting windows again. Nothing helps… Some help would be appreciated.


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