Battlenet client social/shop/news tabs not loading

For the past couple days when using the Battlenet client nothing shows up when I click on the Social/Shop/News tabs. The app will switch to the tab, but the contents are entirely empty.

My friends list window does show up properly, but if I click on one of them to chat it brings up the blank Social window. From in-game(sc2) I can whisper them though.

The Games tab does load the “Play” button so I can launch my games at least. However, usually there is other news or announcements related to the game that also shows up in the Games tab, but it is also empty.

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the client and clearing the battlenet and blizzard directories as suggested in this semi-related looking post, but it did not work:

Also tried switching the default browser to firefox instead of chrome.

Battlenet is working fine on my macbook. Just my PC(Win10) is running into problems.

Hey there CeleryTank,

Thanks for reaching out with those details! Do you have any anti-virus software installed on your PC? If so, be sure that it’s fully updated, otherwise it may mistakenly prevent the Desktop App from functioning correctly due to thinking it’s a security threat. If updating alone does not fix the issue, try temporarily uninstalling your anti-virus software. More information on troubleshooting security applications here, if curious.