Battle net account banned for no reason

Hi guys maybe you have some advice, I bought dragonflight with a boost and subscription. played for 2 hours as the boost did not work and said internal error, the next morning I logged on to the message your account has been banned. I have been trying to find out from Bnet what was the transgression and the only reply was “I made a chat offence”. The problem being that I did not chat to anyone in the game or send any messages? A day after the ban My bank lets me know that unauthorized transactions were blocked from Blizzard. So to me the account seemed compromised due to the fact that I could not log on to my Battle net account to try and buy something as it is banned. I have sent this info with proof to battle net and they refuse to lift the ban and still keep linking me the rules that we all have agreed to. it is a lot of money to lose for something that I am not guilty of. This account I had to create to be able to send tickets to Battle net.

Any help would be appreciated.

This is not a quote from one of their templates so that is odd.

My guess is that your account was locked due to a suspicion of financial fraud. The bank declining, thinking it was unauthorized, triggered Blizzard to close the account. They really don’t like it when accounts are made with stolen credit cards for example.

In your case it may just be an bank error but Blizzard did not know that and the account was locked as a result. If your transactions were declined then the money should appear back in your account in 3-10 days, depending on what your bank policy is. Blizzard won’t get that money.

The Customer Support forum serves as an Information Desk to help people navigate the Support system, answer policy questions, explain services, etc. I would suggest asking there. A Blizzard Blue may be able to provide some insight into what is going on and suggest a best course of action.

It requires a level 10 character to post there. You can use this new bnet and the free starter of WoW to do that. Takes a short time to make a level 10 on retail.