Banned From bad servers

My wifi is very good but blizzard servers send me out of games for whatever reason but its been repeatedly happening enough for me to get a whole season ban. Me spending this much time and energy into the game just to get banned doesn’t seem right seeing as it was blizzards fault.

This forum is for the very very old collection of Blizzard Arcade games from over 20 years ago.

If you have an issue with a modern game you should post on the forums for that game.

I would gather your issue might be with Overwatch. Even if your connection is great at your house, it has a long long pathway through many other physical connections to get to the game servers. Any packet loss along the way will cause you to drop from the game servers and incur any automated penalties.

This is not going to be reversed. This post goes into the leaver penalties and why they exist. It is an FAQ Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties - Technical Support - Overwatch Forums

However, you can work with the Tech Support folks to figure out where in your connection you are being dropped. If it was Blizzard there would be huge numbers of people in the same position, but there are not.

Start here Overwatch 2 Disconnection Problems - Blizzard Support and review the advanced troubleshooting too.

Then run a WinMTR to view the entire pathway from your computer to the game servers. It shows you any hops not hidden for security as well as your packet loss and lag. Run it for 10 mins or more when you are having DC issues so it has time to pick up the problem.

Then post your logs and findings on the Tech Support forum for OW. Someone can help you read the results and see what the issue might be.

That won’t get you unbanned in the current season, but it can help you find out what the problem is so you can prevent it in the future.