Armory pet section is not updating for a long time

I have a prolonged (for a couple of years at least) issue with pet section at armory. All characters data updates normally, except for pet data.
Statistic site which uses api, tells that I have had next updates (since dec 23, 2020 (!), earlier data is not available for me):
jan 19, 2022, +212 pets
sep 14, 2022, +62 pets
oct 6, 2022, +1 pet
oct 27, 2022, +2 pets
No updates so far, althought I have achieved 1600 pets (armory shows 1502)
Need to note, that I obtain pets more or less regularly.
Periods of normal performance may last for a few weeks or even a month (as sep 14 - oct 27), but then a collapse occurs.

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