Any apps that can give me this report?

notice: i have two accounts and the other one isnt banned (yet)



Account: [(myname)@GMAIL.COM]
Account Action: Account Closure - Overwatch Account
Offense: Unauthorized Cheat Programs (“hacks”)

Recent activity on this account shows the use of an unauthorized cheat program, also known as a “hack”, which harms the intended player experience.

The account holder is responsible for all activity on the account. We issue suspensions and closures to protect our players and our service in accordance with our Blizzard EULA:

We don’t take this decision lightly. Our team issued this closure after a careful review of relevant evidence. Our support staff will not overturn these closures and may not respond to appeals. For more information, see our article:

Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter.


Customer Service
Blizzard Entertainment

No. Blizzard does not make account information available via the API.

Account actions are between you and Blizzard. Posting about them also breaks the forum code of conduct. If you wish to appeal, you can do so via the link in the email you got, or on the Support page