Am I temp banned (Error 34200 - Diablo 3)

Good evening team,

I was joining in and out of greater rift games because i kept getting 3 man games that had already started rifts. It seems that leaving 3 or 4 games in a row bans me? Any clarity here on what is going on and when it will go away? :frowning: I only have 1 day out of the weeek that i can play and this is destroying it.

It is saying Diablo 3 game servers are not available. Please try again later. Code 34200

Your not banned, but you should prob lay off the botting if your first assumption was you got banned lol, Iā€™m not able to play also same Error seems to be an issue with D3 servers.

Hey folks,

There was an authentication issue early this morning but it should be good now. Are you still getting this error?