Alternatives to the authenticator app?

I don’t install apps. They slow down the phone, act as a marketing notification channel, increase attack surface, and harvest data on me even when working as intended.

What alternatives exist to this “app” you’re trying to impose on us?

I had hoped to get back into Overwatch next year, but if this is going to be required then I simply can’t.

EDIT: I posted this in the wrong sub-forum by mistake. I didn’t see that the “Authenticator App” is a separate category.

For reference, it looks like there’s a great existing post about this over in thread #48502 of the Authenticator Mobile Feedback Discussion forum:

EDIT 2: In case it wasn’t obvious—


You can move your post to another category if you want to.

I’m not sure you need to, to be honest… with the Authenticator being merged with the Battle.Net mobile App… but it is possible.

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