Support for TOTP users after Jan 5th

Hi folks (and hopefully eyes at Blizzard)

I’m one of the few users who has managed to coerce Blizzard’s non-standardized OTP system to work with a standard OTP app (where it sits with the other dozen or so 2FA entries I have), using some clever third-party tools.

I would only be okay with it being another entry among my other apps in my singular OPT app which I can then backup offline. If forced to use a proprietary app I’ll likely just disable the feature entirely.

Highly recommend you guys stop living in this weird bizzarro-cybersecurity world where you wont allow people to use much better OTP apps – like pretty much every other good online platform does.

Best Regards


Adding a third party authenticator can now be achieved without the use of any third party tools through the Blizzard’s official swagger-ui.

github .com/jleclanche/python-bna/issues/38#issuecomment-1746656464