Alabaster store mounts missing from APIs



It appears that the two new store mounts, Alabaster Stormtalon and Alabaster Thunderwing, are missing from the APIs. They are missing from both the mounts list, as well as from the character data.

Example 1 (I can’t post links):
Notice the list does not include Alabaster Stormtalon nor Alabaster Thunderwing

Example 2
This issue was reported by a user, so I don’t want to give away their character name, but so that you can see the API call:
Again, the collected mounts list will be missing these two store mounts, even though they are collected.

Thank you!

Edit: I did some more digging, and wanted to add that the “Sylverian Dreamer” appears to be missing from the APIs as well. Thank you.


Thanks for reporting this. The Sylverian Dreamer was reported on the old bug report forum, but was never fixed before the forum was closed.

To summarize, there are three mounts currently missing from the API:

  • Sylverian Dreamer : mount ID 1223, spell ID 290132
  • Alabaster Stormtalon: mount ID 1266, spell ID 302361
  • Alabaster Thunderwing: mount ID 1267, spell ID 302362


This issue appears to be fixed with the 8.2.5 patch. Thank you!


Yes, thank you! :slight_smile: