Adding phone number different country

Hi there Blizzard employees.

After a few messages with the customer support here I’ve come to the conclusion that the system used to connect a mobile phone number is very skewed for customers that don’t have a mobile phone number of the country they live in.

In my case I live in Germany about 2 minutes away from the Dutch border. I never do anything in Germany and go to college in the Netherlands, have a Dutch bank account and even have a Dutch ID / Passport.

However due to me filling in a German address I’m not able to put a Dutch mobile phone number, which is the only thing I have.

This results in me not being able to play CoD Warzone due to me having to put a German mobile phone number on my account.

I would suggest these 2 things:

  1. Make anyone able to fill in a mobile phone number from any country.


  1. Make it so that Customer Support can fill in a different phone number if there is enough proof someone only has a phone number from a certain country.

I’m deeply annoyed at how a billion dollar company is not able to help out their customers who just want to play a game on their platform.

Kind regards,



Hi… I have here same problem. Due my work, im traveling a lot, mostly Norway, Sweden. I’ve made a registration due accomodation in Norway. And now have meet the same problem… Can’t add phone number, and can’t start playing, because i have different phone number. I’m from Estonia. Have tryed many times to get answer from Support team for solving the problem, but not. Hope they do something whit that.

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It’s honestly just really frustrating that I can’t play some games because this platform doesn’t allow a phone number from a different country to be filled in.


was this solved? same problem here…

Same problem here…

Same problem with living in Liechtenstein and having a Swiss number like many people do.

just had this issue and I’m discussing with support, commenting here to keep this alive

Keeping this alive cause the same thing is happening to me now, I just want to play warzone with my friends damn it!

same problem here …

Just encountered this issue today. The only solution is apparently to change my country by adding my government ID. This is absolutely insane. I’m not doing that.

Please just allow phones from a different region.


Same problem here. I live in Belgium just over the Dutch border. I am 100% Dutch which means I also have a bsn number to prove that. I have always had a Dutch phone number since its about 50% cheaper for the same data package in Belgium. But since my adress is located in Belgium I am unable to add my phone number to the account. Customer support also denied my request to change the country registered on my account because I do not have the propper documentation. This system is out of control!!!