Adding phone number different country

Hi there Blizzard employees.

After a few messages with the customer support here I’ve come to the conclusion that the system used to connect a mobile phone number is very skewed for customers that don’t have a mobile phone number of the country they live in.

In my case I live in Germany about 2 minutes away from the Dutch border. I never do anything in Germany and go to college in the Netherlands, have a Dutch bank account and even have a Dutch ID / Passport.

However due to me filling in a German address I’m not able to put a Dutch mobile phone number, which is the only thing I have.

This results in me not being able to play CoD Warzone due to me having to put a German mobile phone number on my account.

I would suggest these 2 things:

  1. Make anyone able to fill in a mobile phone number from any country.


  1. Make it so that Customer Support can fill in a different phone number if there is enough proof someone only has a phone number from a certain country.

I’m deeply annoyed at how a billion dollar company is not able to help out their customers who just want to play a game on their platform.

Kind regards,



Hi… I have here same problem. Due my work, im traveling a lot, mostly Norway, Sweden. I’ve made a registration due accomodation in Norway. And now have meet the same problem… Can’t add phone number, and can’t start playing, because i have different phone number. I’m from Estonia. Have tryed many times to get answer from Support team for solving the problem, but not. Hope they do something whit that.

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It’s honestly just really frustrating that I can’t play some games because this platform doesn’t allow a phone number from a different country to be filled in.


was this solved? same problem here…

Same problem here…

Same problem with living in Liechtenstein and having a Swiss number like many people do.