Add Phone Number Invalid

So I am a united states citizen and I have everything matching that on my profile, but even so my number does not get accepted. I continuously receive this invalid phone number prompt, I am looking at my phones settings to double check. Its def the same number as always it hasn’t magically changed on me. Fix this.


I’m also experiencing this problem. I got a reply from Support saying my phone number was ‘coded’ by my cell phone provider as not supporting SMS, but my number does support SMS and I’ve used it to validate all my other accounts on other services just fine.

It is an inaccuracy likely from whatever API they use to validate phone numbers, and should be fixed.


I have the same issue. My number is from Oregon, but still don’t understand what is happening.

i have the same problem. they need to either fix this or remove it all together.


I have the same problem and its Bs… it say voip it cant be supported or not. I checked and its not that so I dunno I have a friend in Maryland and he got through its weird.

I am from Ukraine and I have exactly the same problem


Same issue. Horrific support from Blizzard. This looks like a bug with whatever poor-mans telephone number verification tool they implemented.

And no ability to override by the looks of it. Keep submitting tickets. If there are enough people with the issue, they’ll do something about it eventually.


I’ve tried putting space, no-space, and even entering the format even though the country’s format number has already been indicated there and still no use. I cant seem to enter my phone number

Nvm i solved it. Your number should be postpaid not prepaid.

so i have to go and get like verizon or one of the big names to add my number? thats crazy. if thats the case im quitting classics. i have cricket for my phone service.


I have the same Problem, also have Cricket.


Even I am facing the same problem. If anybody has a solution to it kindly share here!!
Dealsshutter Here!!

Blizzard is by far the worst gaming launcher/service that i have ever used.


Its pretty bad that I cant play because of my choice of phone services. Good one Activision.


Same here. I would love to play some of these games on my free time but cant do anything with this problem.


Same here. I have Cricket and it won’t work.


yeah it sucks man i try,ed cricket straight talk and boost mobile non of them work its whack like mad players now day use them hope they let pre paid work .


I cannot add my number either there are no hyphens, its not pre-paid, and its valid for its country. I just wanted to play one game. just wasted 2 days downloading it and setting up blizzard account for an Invalid number error


I have the same issue, so I talked to Customer Support. Their answer " *Since you are unable to add your phone number to your account settings, you will need to use a different number as we cannot force the system to accept the number you are trying to use. If you do not have a different phone number, then you would need to purchase the main game in order to access the free content your are trying to access." BUY THE MAIN GAME IN ORDER TO ACCESS THE FREE CONTENT. Really? Why do I need the phone number exactly? I thought that was some kind of security, maybe against cheaters or whatever, so people wouldn’t be able to create new accounts when they’re banned. But if I BUY THE GAME I DON’T NEED the PHONE NUMBER. I don’t understand.


I have been doing deep research in this issue for a month now. So far everything has gone bad since July 2020. So far Phone numbers, Blizzard authentication app, and the Blizzard app. They all have been reported for having issues since July, 2020.

Nobody knows what is going on. The employees or ‘Game Masters’ are guaranteed to be under a NDA so they’re no use to us on why everything is broken. I haven’t seen one of them on the forums for a long time. I have MANY reasons to believe all these issues are due to Activision. Blizzard was performing with way better service before Activision purchased them.

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