Add Phone Number Invalid

So I am a united states citizen and I have everything matching that on my profile, but even so my number does not get accepted. I continuously receive this invalid phone number prompt, I am looking at my phones settings to double check. Its def the same number as always it hasn’t magically changed on me. Fix this.


I’m also experiencing this problem. I got a reply from Support saying my phone number was ‘coded’ by my cell phone provider as not supporting SMS, but my number does support SMS and I’ve used it to validate all my other accounts on other services just fine.

It is an inaccuracy likely from whatever API they use to validate phone numbers, and should be fixed.

I have the same issue. My number is from Oregon, but still don’t understand what is happening.

i have the same problem. they need to either fix this or remove it all together.

I have the same problem and its Bs… it say voip it cant be supported or not. I checked and its not that so I dunno I have a friend in Maryland and he got through its weird.

I am from Ukraine and I have exactly the same problem