Account Hack Circle jerk

My apologies if this is the wrong forum. The account I’ve had since 2007 was hacked while I was playing hearthstone. I got logged out and when I went to log back in it told me I had too many log in attempts even though it was my only log in attempt.

The problem is, not only did they hack my account but they also hacked the e-mail address associated with the account and seeing that I haven’t kept my account information up to date, I can’t verify my account with the phone number attached to it because when I moved, I changed my phone number so it would match my new address.

Your form keeps asking me to verify the account with either the phone number I no longer have access to or with the hacked e-mail address. So the way around that is to answer the secret security question, which clearly, the hacker changed so that wont work either.

The people tending to your twitter account says I have to get in touch with CS but even getting in touch with CS is a chore. Is there no more live help?