Ability to disable the "What's New Popup" advert

I found an old thread on the forums relating to this issue:

And while that is from about a year ago, it still keeps happening. I’m a WoW only player on the Battle.net side of things and in the past 2 weeks when I have logged on, I have received 3 unique adverts for Call Of Duty. I have similarly in the past when the old launcher design also had this happen, specifically for Call Of Duty every time there.

Just add a setting to control this obnoxious behavior, I don’t care if it is enabled by default or what, but an option to opt-out of this forced advertisement would be much appreciated.

Edit: Since my original post here it has happened 3 more times, like seriously.


Seems like I found an old thread too, but I cannot believe this thread has not gotten more attention. I also keep getting advertisements for games I never have, and never will, play. Just like OP, I’ve gotten 3 advertisement just in the last week or two. It makes me less likely to try those games, and to be honest, it also makes me less likely to keep playing the games I’m actually playing… I’ve paid for the games I play and I would like to be able to get access to them without forced ads.


Still an issue here. I was thinking about buying Diablo IV, but with this behaviour I won’t be spending anymore money on Blizzard games. Let me decide which games I’m interested in, in stead of pushing the commercials through a launcher I’m required to use to play a game I bought.

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Still keeps happening, these always seems to target CoD for some reason and it is beyond annoying