Ability to disable the "What's New Popup" advert

I found an old thread on the forums relating to this issue:

And while that is from about a year ago, it still keeps happening. I’m a WoW only player on the Battle.net side of things and in the past 2 weeks when I have logged on, I have received 3 unique adverts for Call Of Duty. I have similarly in the past when the old launcher design also had this happen, specifically for Call Of Duty every time there.

Just add a setting to control this obnoxious behavior, I don’t care if it is enabled by default or what, but an option to opt-out of this forced advertisement would be much appreciated.

Edit: Since my original post here it has happened 3 more times, like seriously.


Seems like I found an old thread too, but I cannot believe this thread has not gotten more attention. I also keep getting advertisements for games I never have, and never will, play. Just like OP, I’ve gotten 3 advertisement just in the last week or two. It makes me less likely to try those games, and to be honest, it also makes me less likely to keep playing the games I’m actually playing… I’ve paid for the games I play and I would like to be able to get access to them without forced ads.


Still an issue here. I was thinking about buying Diablo IV, but with this behaviour I won’t be spending anymore money on Blizzard games. Let me decide which games I’m interested in, in stead of pushing the commercials through a launcher I’m required to use to play a game I bought.


Still keeps happening, these always seems to target CoD for some reason and it is beyond annoying

Hey there! Great post about the annoying Popup ads.

These continued happening? how i can fix it?

I’m just here for Classic Wow. Battlenet client is a spammy mess, where they are free to promote all their recent garbage.

Still a problem, even worse with Diablo. Things I’ve noticed them spam the client with lately:

  • OW2 battlepass popup on load
  • Diablo 4 preorder on load
  • Diablo 4 red-dot notification on “Notifications” area and “New Release” separately, to span-out the ads.

The spam is super-annoying, and they are literally using their client to serve ads to paying customers.

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I just came here because of Diablo 4 forcing me to use the B-Net Launcher. I now remember why I quit playing Activision Blizzard games. Since I am a huge Diablo fan, I had to crawl back. Only to be reminded why I disliked the company in the first place…

If D4 is like all the other games, you can launch the game directly by the exe with some command line arguments.

However, since one of the launcher’s primary purposes is to keep the game updates, the moment an update is pushed out, you won’t get it. That will result in you not being able to log into the game service.

I am interested in the exe addition.

I already tested using the exe, but it still opened the Battle Net Launcher. If there is an update I can use the Launcher. But at least I dont have to mess with daily adds.

Thanks in advance

I’m interested in the command line option as well. What are the parameters that I need in order to launch this directly? The fact that I paid full price for a game only to have an ad wall to get past EVERY time I want to play is ridiculous. I will never buy anything else activision is trying to pawn off… so the ads are just a waste of time.

Please!!! How do I stop those freaking Battle.net Ads???

Please add it an opt out, this is one good reason STEAM is better then you, i like the bliz app, but not this advertisements be’n pushed in my face for things I DO NOT CARE FOR.

P.s. your Diablo4.exe does not work and never has, even if i used the pre made Diablo 4 exe, the bliz app still launches and does not even launch the game.

Please add an option to opt-out of this annoying publicity of games I don’t play. Steam has these options. STOP with the predatory practices.

it’s getting more and more annoying and intrusive with the ads in the launcher. When will the opt-out function come out???


Literally just got a popup to buy Overwatch coins. I don’t have it installed and haven’t played since OG OW. Do they not understand that we are hating on them for this specific purpose?

Once again feels like people in their high office pushing people buttons.

Like Bobby, who was paid hundreds of millions of dollars, for what in the long run? Bringing in more hate through a lack of positive virtues.

One can hope that Microsoft will burn down the corporate structure to the ground and rebuild it properly.

This is ridiculous we not only pay for the games some of us pay subscription fees as well!
Put an opt out in the Battle.net Launcher app settings. Learn some business sense and fix it NOW not tomorrow do it today.

pls add option to disable ads, steam can do this! i want use battle net but i dont want see ads.


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