92 min Queue to get in DabloIV Demo

Wow nice job Blizzard. Thinking of Refund


I wonder if I can refund the 2 hours of game play time in queu .


I was in, but then it wouldn’t let me play, so I exited, to try and see if that would help. No help, just a 90 minute que. Just like always, over promise. Maybe let people who preordered have priority over the KFC codes? Refund is starting to sound good to me too right now.


i was in , got to level 4, and kicked out of game, cant create a new game but still in the menus


Same here. Lvl 4. booted from game instance. stuck at the character screen and kept getting errors trying to get back into the game. So i exited like an idiot and now I have a 90 minute queue.


refund because of Beta ? LOL ok


I just waited in the Q for 45 min as I went to log in , authentication failed, now 96 min Q, not going to ask for refund but not going to waste my time sitting in Q either, hope they figure it out before June


Do it, let them burn!

Tried to get in and 108 min wait, got auth failed and now 90 min wait.

Got the key through my phone company, so glad I didnt buy the game, free Beta access should be changed to 80GB download and then sit in a queue, something will go wrong and you will be at the back of the queue again

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Able to play for about 10 minutes, got to the first town, chat with everyone as one does, then it crashes.
attempt to get back in, 40m queue, wait 10 minutes, then 96 min queue. Waited an hour, now looking at 109 min queue. I’ll come back later today. Was a good start, but this is ridiculous.


Why are you guys complaining about a Queue. Your not the only people try to log in so there will be one. However for me after waiting almost an hour I finally go to the character screen which is a mess and when I long to play the cutscene and very laggy and then when I go to start playing there’s no map. Just my character in the middle of the screen and nothing ever spawns in. I sat here for almost 10 mins and nothing loads in.

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That the reason they told “if you can lvl your character at 20 you will get that… and if you can lvl 25 you cant take more” hah. This is the answer. Lilith for this round is the scorer.

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I paid R$ 350,00 BRL (minimum wage is R$ 1300 here) and I cant play.

Come on blizzard… AWS is there to help you. Scale up those servers by thousands



Please post D4 feedback on the D4 General Discussion forum - either PC or Console as the case may be:

The forum here is for technical support on the Battle.Net Desktop App.


Is there a way to replay the opening cinematic or watching it while you wait for the Queue ?

Can’t find any option to replay that opening starting movie.

Ok, I couldn’t stay away. I waited out the queue, got to play for 30 minutes, again, was kicked out due to network disconnection. this has happened twice.

Nah, refund because of the billion-dollar company showing their “quality” hand by not spinning up enough authentication/game servers to let people play. Next are you going to claim that they don’t have enough experience? That they are somehow new at running online games? We should be patient after paying between $70 and $100 in some cases specifically to get the stupid beta-only content? “Beta” won’t save a corporation like Activision Blizzard from the flaming they absolutely deserve over incompetent crap like this.


I played for about 15 mins and got disconnected…4 hours queue still going on strong.
I was so hyped for the weekend and this small indie company still managed to disapoint me.Sorry but not sorry

Ya this is a disaster pile of s**t. What a joke

Ya wtf im lvl 12 fighting big boss i get random
kick now say i have 95 min que

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