504 Gateway Timeout errors for SC2 Community APIs

Around 7 hours ago SC2 Community APIs stopped working for EU region. All queries result in 504 Gateway Timeout.
Even Starcraft 2 website doesn’t show profile pages - all we get is Error 404 – Page not found.


please fix this :frowning: this is not good

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Issue has been resolved now. Thanks!

Update 24 January 2024:
The same issue occurs for us region. All queries of StarCraft II Community APIs with us region result in 504 Gateway Timeout. Problem started around 11 hours ago.


All regions(US, EU, KR) are now broken, endpoints return 504 error code, the website returns 404, just like the previous issue in the US region.


Noticing the same. An update from staff on the status of the SC2 API would be appreciated.

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The issue has been solved in all regions. Thanks!