403 Forbidden when trying to get Character Pets Collection Summary

I get 403 (Forbidden) error code when trying to get Character Pets Collection Summary.

GAME DATA AND PROFILE PRIVACY is enabled in the profile privacy settings. I tried turning it disable and enable. I tried to log out and log in to my account. None of this helped.

region: eu
realm slug: gordunni
character name: кимесис

htt ps://i.imgur.com/ZjtraqW.png
htt ps://i.imgur.com/I5cLG7w.png

It fails using my client ID too, I’m not sure what the issue is, sorry :frowning:

I have the same problem when trying to access the Character Profile Summary (or any profile data it seems) of some characters.

region: eu
realm slug: shadowsong
character name: nâzgul
other character name (same server): kazzik

No clue why it happens.

The first case reported by Eterno seems like a bug, however if not even the character summary is being returned it may be because those characters did not sign in and out of the game lately and their data is invalid.

If you are sure they are active characters and their data should be valid I think it would be better to create a post in the API Bug Report category just to be sure.

Eterno, it might be a silly idea, but can you try switching some pets on your pet battle slots ?
A while back there was a bug where some characters were only updating their API data when logging out in Legion Dalaran. Might be worth trying too.

The ones I mentioned aren’t active players. I didn’t think about it since this post indicated that this case would give a 404 error instead of 403. Thank you for your answer.

I think the really inactive players (inactive before the API changes to the new profile endpoints) return 404, the ones inactive after some API patches return 403.
I remember there is a blue post here (or it was a discussion over the API discord) saying both 404 and 403 might happen.

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I did all of the above, but that didn’t help. I haven’t played WoW since the start of the BFA, but now I’m back.