Сharacter is stuck! Cant login to the server

Hello! During the passage of the dungeon travel in time, a quarter of stars, a disconnect occurred. After the disconnect, I can’t go on one character My brother had a similar problem, who was at that moment with me in the dungeon. Other alternate characters work. character release service does not work!

Wait about 30 mins and that char should release from the server. If not, try the char stuck service again.

Last resort, you can put in a ticket to have it moved.

Normally waiting after a DC will allow it to eventually release on its own though.

EDIT - I see several people with the same issue related to Court of Stars on the WoW Customer Support forum. There are no GMs there, but it might be a place to get info.


Thank you! But this problem has been going on for more than 3 hours! I already created a ticket! now just have to wait

Having the same issue with Court of Stars. Left dungeon group and got disconnected. Now when I try to log in it say World Server is down. Has been almost 4 hours since this started…

Hey there!

This disconnect behavior isolated to a single character typically indicates that the character is “stuck”. In these situations, you can typically use the self-service “character move” option to move your character and allow you to login and play as normal. However, if this happens repeatedly, be sure to try the solutions on this page.

If the problem persists, please report the issue in the WoW Technical Support forums, as this forum is specific to troubleshooting issues with the Battle.net Desktop App.

This thread is now locked as it’s unrelated to the Battle.net Desktop App.

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