Game is crashing without any error message

I’ve tried updating all my drivers, reinstalling Battlenet and D3.

When I reinstalled Batllenet, the game worked fine for a couple of hours and then started crashing without any reason again. I changed the HD where is the game, but nothing helps.

I can only play in 32bits, but the inventory takes too long to load…

In 64 bits I normally can open the game, start a game and when I start rifting, it suddenly shuts down.

I tried the sound bug and waited for a update that came this week, but it keeps happening.

Anyone has any other solution that may help?

Greetings Scrazy,

You’ve reached the Brazilian Portuguese forums.

Here is the english forum if you’d like:

If your machine cannot run the game in 64bits, most likely it does not meet the minimum requirements to be able to run the game successfully. Please check the list below: