Zygor Leveling?

Does Zygor speed up the leveling process any? I know it takes a good while to hit 60. I hit level 23 on my mage and decided to reroll Hunter but yeesh. (Also, not complaining, I loved the grind back in the day, I’m just starting late this time around)

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Most everyone uses the addon Questie, and it’s very helpful for speeding up the process. At some point when I needed more motivation/optimization I started using this guide https://classicwow.live/leveling which is very helpful for optimizing travel and skipping time wasting quests. It’s also free. I would say it definitely sped up the 40s and early 50s for me. It’s not perfect - sometimes the quest would be too hard for my particular class, and if you start in the middle like I did you might find that it’s not worth it to catch up on a quest chain or whatever. But would use it again for sure.

Think of it like a GPS on your phone, people do fine without it, but once you get used to it, it dumbs you down and makes living without it hard. Does it help, yes… can’t really say as to how much. At this point many people level through AOE grinding, alone or in groups… so questing isn’t the fastest.

for a new player yes for a faction switch and don’t know much of areas and routes its handie.

Personally I prefer WoWPro. Feels like it flows better and you don’t have to go looking for other sources for “extra” stuff.

Make sure you also get TomTom for a nice arrow on your screen to point the way (pretty sure that works with Questie as weel as WoWPro)