Zovaal teams up with Murozond?

IRL Father Time is associated with death… if you type into google “Father time” you will note many depictions of the representation of time holding Death’s scythe…

Hour glasses themselves have been used to symbolically depict the steady ebbing flow of one’s life force and ticking down of life’s precious seconds to death.

“Fate” manipulation also ties into the death theme via an extension of Bastion/The Maw’s Greek inspirations… The Fates were a trio of witches who manipulated mortal lives as represented by “threads” which they severed when a mortal was fated to die.

IMO each titan of Order represents a cosmic force, so order is always maintained and one cosmic force doesn’t take too much power.

Eonar - Life - connections to Elune

Norgannon - Order - Arcane magic

Golganneth - Disorder - Crazyness of the seas/weather

Khaz’goroth - Void - why Neltharion was so easily corrupted

Sargeras - Light - Why seeing a void titan drove him mad

  • Later replaced by Aggramar

Argus - Death - Scythe of the Unmaker…

  • Zovaal litterally wants to “unmake” everything

Aman’Thul - Time - “Hidden” 7th cosmic force

  • Azeroth could be connected to this cosmic force and explain why the Caverns of Time can exist (so close to her “heart” in Tanaris… etc)
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I think it’s unlikely, although when Zovaal opened the portal and went to that Zereth Mortis or sepulchre, I saw a screaming resemblance to the time portals, however I understood that it’s that magic that brokers use.

Either way, the Infinite fligh has been making its arrangements. After the Cataclysm, their other appearance was at the scene of Chromie deaths, in the end we didn’t even find out who ordered her to be killed. And I must make a special mention of the nighthold and Elisande. She analyzes ‘‘all possible futures’’ where she and the Shal’dorei would come out victorious, but can’t see the future where we mortals win, is this because the infinite flight itself interfered? Her fight’s achievement is to bring a Time Dragon Pet into the fight room and I think we need to kill it. That doesn’t say much and it’s headcannon. But it still gives us an indication of why things happened as we saw them.

In BfA, for a tailor, we get a questline to help a time dragon where she reports that her infinite version is killing several versions of herself, this resulting in the bronze dragon getting weaker and the infinite version getting stronger. In my view this answers the scenario of chromie’s deaths. Her infinite version was supposed to be behind this.

Chromie is also in Mechagon and there we go to visit an end of the world where the King of Mechagon eradicates almost all organic life from Azeroth

I think the infinite flight is making its own moves


I get the sense that Elisande’s inability to foresee the actual course of events that occurred was at one time meant to be connected to the hints and implications that something sinister was beneath the Broken Isles (and therefore beneath the Nightwell) and could have been influencing her visions to make her see what it wanted her to see.

Between Xal’atath’s whispers about something below Aszuna, Twilight’s Hammer drogbar in the depths of Highmountain’s caves messing with elementium and the titan facility in the Tomb of Sargeras’ lowest chambers, I feel like an early (as in, Alpha if not pre-Alpha) plan for Legion may have included something Old Goddish being imprisoned under the Broken Isles that was manipulating certain events to capitalize on the Burning Legion’s invasion, which could have more directly foreshadowed N’zoth’s involvement going into BfA.


Something about the end time dungeon that intrigues me… is Baine.

The Sylvanas, Tyrande, and Jaina fights made sense enough back then. And they still kind of do. Jaina is still a powerful Alliance Mage with artifacts. Tyrande is empowered by Elune. Sylvanas up to this point was a dark death lady - who knows what she will be, now. I think it’s safe to say that at this point, she still is Undead. With her High Elven good emotions and a more complete soul, perhaps - but still Undead. So that Sylvanas echo could still make sense.

But Baine is what I wonder about.

I remember in Cata, I would think :

“What does Baine have to do with lava and black dragons? Eh.”

And then Legion comes, with Mayla, and Ebonhorn. It makes me wonder if that is tied together, or going anywhere.

Maybe Baine and Ebonhorn command Horde Black Dragons against Anduin and Wrathion’s Alliance Black Dragons in a new Battleground on the Dragon Isles! Seeing Baine as a Dragon Rider burning Alliance troops would make me cheer for him.

Wrathion oddly enough… there’s a note you can find somewhere that has Wrathion’s written orders to kill Chromie.


It is not stated to come from Wrathion. It is familiar but the exact writer is not revealed.

Someone wants Chromie dead and it is someone we know at the time.


More delicious content to point towards our return to Northrend in 9.2. :smiley:

Yogg-Saron, God of Death.
Anduin/Arthas parallels

Odyn says he is free and going to visit his siblings in Ulduar at the end of Trial of Valor…


If we are going to Azeroth in this expansion, we will be heading to the Sunwell.

All factors seem to indicate as such.

Really? Being sincere, what makes you think that?

Personally, I think going back to Northrend would check off a lot of boxes dealing with the story and also bringing that player connection back to the game. Not to mention the giant rift in the sky above Northrend…

I had suspected Slyvanas tried to say “You must not let him reach… the Citadel

Meaning ICC.

Zovaal could have easily already gone to the First Ones’ realm, or the sepulcher, whatever that is, and its too late for us to stop him.

The Primus says: Death comes for the soul of your world, mortal. But together, we may yet save it.

Personally, I think we’re skipping that part and going straight to saving our World.

This could tie into the Old Gods, Titan Keepers, Pantheon of Order, and Elune, and with that - the aspects.

The “End Time” Murozond spoke of could have been Zovaal succeeding. This could be the true end time, that sends us back, corrupting everything, etc…

I do remember there being an older description of the Tomb of Sargeras somewhere stating that it was made atop a location connected to the Old Gods to prevent whatever was underneath it from getting out.


There is no such description. The Tomb of Sargeras Lore at Gamescom does state that the Temple of Elune was built on top of a wound that the Highborne sealed using the Pillars of Creation.

Considering the Chronicle mentions the Legion deciding to make the Temple into a Portal for the Legion it should be pretty obvious that whatever that wound was the Legion thought it could use it to open a second Portal into the Twisting Nether.

Not only did the Highborne of Suramar decide to seal the Portal but Queen Azshara’s actions in Azsuna using the Tidestone led to them sealing the Eye of Aman’Thul away alongside Suramar!

As for what the Titan Facility underneath the Temple of Elune was intended for: The Titans would never allow an Open Wound to go unprotected by the Pillars of Creation! The Well of Eternity was specifically converted into Arcane to seal another Azerite wound(which was threatening to destroy the planet due to the Azerite storm) so it is no surprise that the Titans would build a Facility to protect and research another Azerite Wound!

The Titans discovered that a wound in Azeroth could create a dangerous storm capable of destroying the Planet so naturally when another showed up they would secure and study it for research.

The Titans aside from Sargeras have zero experience in what World Souls are capable of handling(Argus survived having a gapping wound) so when Y’Shaarj’s demise caused a storm of Azerite to show up they decided to avoid harming anymore Old Gods and begin studying the mysterious substance under controlled conditions.

The Highborne for some reason or another sealed the Wound with the Pillars of Creation practically ending the Titans’ research on the mysterious substance whose existence keeps them from ripping out every Old God on Azeroth.

The Titans as the Brokers note merely make assumptions about reality and as Sylvanas stated that Azeroth was a prison not to mention the similarities between the names Azeroth and Zereth Mortis I would assume Azeroth is not a Titan but a prison for Death where the First Ones guard the Planet’s depths.

The function of Azerite? Keep visitors from digging deeper! Furthermore one of the Azerite Essences is called Anima of Life and Death which shows Death as being the Blue and Life(Spirit consumed by the Planet) as being the Golden.


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our nozdormu still has to turn into murozond

The mythic phase of the last boss fight you fall into this chasm. You are 100% correct. It was on top of a Titan facility, the Titans were hiding something there. Similar the the chamber of the Heart in BFA. There’s at least one other Titan facility we haven’t discovered yet.

The titans were doing sketchy stuff.

We have only uncovered the tip of the iceburg with Uldir.


Speaking of uldir, makes you wonder what other horrors the titans have locked away somewhere just waiting to escape


Who knows what’s in Uldorus or Uldaz, the other Titan facilities mentioned by the Maiden of Vitality in BfA.


The thing is, not everything the Keepers have done is directly indicative of their makers’ own designs. It might be the titans behind the stuff we saw in BfA, or it could be that one or more Keepers (since Ra suggested the Chamber of Heart - of which he wasn’t aware, yet M.O.T.H.E.R. was - looks like Archaedas’ handiwork) and some Watchers might have decided to unilaterally and secretly take special steps to protect Azeroth and study/combat the Old Gods because they’d realized that between Odyn’s departure and Loken’s betrayal, the titans’ original designs were too far compromised for them to just keep relying on the systems already in place.

I have to wonder if one of those might turn out to be the physical location where the original titan-forged were made. The earthen, vrykul, tol’vir, mogu and other later “second generation” types were all originally designed and produced by the Keepers via Ulduar’s Forge of Wills (and evidently parts of Uldum’s machinery were built to do the same, though it’s unclear if that was Ra’s doing or a result of Lei Shen using his stolen knowledge to replicate the Forge of Wills), but we’ve had yet to see where the Keepers themselves along with the Watchers and the original armies of Aesir/Vanir titan-forged were manufactured and empowered.

It would make sense if somewhere on Azeroth there might exist some remote landmass that was separate from the original protocontinent, where the titans could have planted a facility and built their armies unhindered before unleashing them on the mainland to overthrow the Old Gods and Elemental Lords.


Don’t you fall into the chasm anyway when you are fighting the Avatar of Sargeras? Whom is not the final boss anyway. That is Kil’jaeden.

I don’t think there is a boss so far that has a mythic / old heroic only phase where you fall into a chasm.

Ragnaros in Firelands grows legs
Garrosh sends us into his dream world with the aid of Y’shaarj in SoO
AU Cho’gall kill steals Mar’gok in Highmaul
Beastlord Darmac unleashes Faultline on us
Archimonde teleports us to the Twisting Nether in HFC
Illidans demon within shows up after we defeat Gul’dan
Argus gets a massive buff from Sargeras
N’zoth sends one of his minions to attack the Chamber of the Heart.

That is highly doubtful given that the note doesn’t state the author, only that it is familiar and Wrathion shows up in the scenario outside of the Black Dragonshrine.


For the same reason why Arthas went there the last time…just a question of who is getting resurrected from Death into Reality. I think the soul that made Shayalamane into Kingsmourne was Dar’Khan’s soul. Giving Anduin a blueprint of Silvermoon city. That’s what I think…the parallels between Anduin and Arthas are undeniable.

While Kil’jaeden was the final boss of the instanced raid, the Avatar was the final boss players actually fought inside the Tomb (since Kil’jaeden’s fight takes place on his ship in the Twisting Nether.) That said, falling into the lower floor is indeed part of the encounter regardless of the difficulty, which stands to reason, as it’d be necessary to follow Kil’jaeden through the portal either way.

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