< Zooper Doopers (H)> Recruiting all players

Hi all, Zooper Doopers are currently recruiting for our AQ progression.

We raid Thursday/Sunday at 8:30pm ST - 11:30pm ST.
currently 6/9 AQ40 and need some extra numbers to power our way through the place.
BWL is on farm and currently powering through that once a week to get the last of that sweet sweet gear!

We are looking for all classes to help us achieve our goal of getting through AQ40. We are a super relaxed guild with a fun atmosphere who run regular GKPs through out the week.
Very large online presence with plenty of members to help out with dungeons or what ever may have you stuck.

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about joining.

Online: Sweetlou/Sweetsham
Btag: robdawg#1450