ZG Mage Botting

I loged onto Earthfury a very dead server and /who and all I saw where bots 50 of them farming ZG. Just sad to see. I reported all of them hopefully blizzard will ban them.


As a fellow Eartfurian , I am beyond sick and tired of this game and the BS this game has been through.
What kind of “software” Do you need to prove that all these characters are CLEARLY OBVIOUSLY BOTS?? Blizzard, your game has been ruined by your own inability to give a damn. And this is like evidence against you. I think anyone with common sense would be able to see clearly that no sane people are leveling in ZG, over and over and over doing the same boring pulls on a dead server, there’s more BOTS in ZG than there are in the real Azeroth/Outlands on Earthfury… What is this Blizzard? Quit playin around.

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This server is not dead as you say, there are only a few of us, we have moved some guilds and it is growing, at least here in the alliance there are no bots, I don’t know in the horde

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Horde population due to bots according to ironforge.pro. So people that raid and/or pvp is 7 people in the past month so bots have almost x10 the hordes population. I know that’s not the best way data but it’s all we got because blizzard hides the numbers. I’m glad to hear alliance is growing and hopefully the whole server can grow but this is our current state.


I’ll log in and report them too.

I reported some obvious bots a few months ago on Earthfury and got those mails and those toons stopped logging on.

I’ll be leveling to 80 on this toon. Hope to see you around <3

I like things about small server atmospheres.


Hi Mootwo. Nice to know youre still ariund kicking.

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Yep, I’m not going anywhere. :slight_smile:

I still remember those battlegrounds we did etc. Good times.