Zero Logic [H] Tank/Heals/DPS for AOTC

Zero Logic is a Horde AOTC/KSM focused guild.

Currently 6/11 H & 11/11 N

We raid Wed/Thur 6:30 pm- 9:30pm PST (9:30-11:30 EST)

Needs: DPS- DK & DH

Our goal is to reach AOTC as quickly as possible, then potentially dip into mythic if there is interest. We have a laid back group that likes to joke and most are on during the later afternoon/evenings/night. Several members strive for quick KSM and key pushing.

Discord Contact: Eliarah#1682 or FrostieBalls#1486, Btag: BlowMeB1izz#1489

Added on Disc and messaged

Added on Discord and messaged.