<Zero Logic> 10/10H Recruiting! Looking to Dive into Mythic!

[US][Horde] 10/10H

Recruiting for Casual Mythic Raiding

We are mainly an AOTC/KSM oriented guild. We are looking for laid back yet motivated people to complete content with. We plan to complete KSM and AOTC every new content patch at a reasonable pace. We prefer people with experience because at some point we would like to do Mythic, but as a side goal. CE is something we plan to work for within our current schedule, but we’re okay if it doesn’t happen. Mainly doing it for the loot with CE as a side goal .

Life happens so we plan to raid on a short schedule with a relaxed attendance requirement because life will happen from time to time.

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM on Wednesday and Thursdays

We look forward to hearing from you. If we do not, good luck in your guild search!

Contact Ciani#11783 or BlowMeB1izz#1489 for more information, or look for our guild in the in-game guild finder on Kil’Jaeden.

Hey I’d like to raid with you guys I can heal

Excuse me for the horrid response time. Send me a message in-game so we can talk if you’re still interested!

Hi, I’m interested in raiding with you all on my ele shaman. I added you on bnet (Prostylez#11264) but responding here too, just in case.

Update: Posted from wrong character. Armory link to shaman -https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/kiljaeden/zalojal

I’m interested in joining your guild, does it also do pvp?

Thank you for your interest. Add me: Ciani#11783

Hey are you guys still recruiting?

Yes we are. Go ahead and add me on bnet

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I may be interested. I do like your raid times and I have a lot of toons spread out in other guilds right now since I have no clue which ones will be active for 9.1

I had 4/10 M Raiding exp last patch. And I’m a Mistweaver main ( dont worry we got super buffed this patch) who has consistent purple / orange dps parses :slight_smile:

I can drop one of my toons in your guild any see where things go from there.