Zereth Mortis world quests bugged for weekly

Zereth mortis world quests are not counting towards the world quest weekly

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But they DO give the increased rep.


Hello and thank you so much for the report. :smiley_cat:

We’re currently working on a fix to address the issue with Zereth Mortis world quests not counting towards the weekly bonus event quest, “The World Awaits.”


Ah so I wasn’t crazy! I had just made a thread about this as well.

Nah. You’re still crazy, but that doesn’t mean you were wrong. :crazy_face:

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can you currenty work on a fix to add the ability to craft teir pce this week instead of waiting one more week.



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I’m shocked.

Great name for a character. Better claim it.

And yet, the quests in Korthia never counted for this weekly - and still do not. Consistency!

Those are daily quests, and well it would be nice if those counted too, they are not world quests like the ones that pop up in ZM.

I would love to see the rewards updated for the weekly to reflect the new reps added in 9.1 and 9.2.
Maybe give an option for the newer currency as well.
It’s just the 4 covenant reps or a few extra anima for the part of the reward we get to choose.