Zen Pulse + Echoing Reverberation Feedback 10.0.5

Echoing Reverberation
Zen pulse triggers a second time at 80% efectiveness if cast on targets with Enveloping Mist.

I believe this combination would be better if Echoing Reverberation triggers if the person has ONLY renewing mist active on them.
Enveloping Mist is not an ability we hard cast, we only use it when Chiji or Soothing mist channels and triggering Soothing mist already costs 1 gcd.

Zen pulse is about saving someone targeted by many adds (usually a tank or a melee).

So considering it requires a bunch of adds to do good healing, it has a 30s cd and it only works for melees/tanks I think it’s fine if we make it Reverberation triggers with Renewing Mist instead of Enveloping mist.

Made a topic about it in 10.0.5 ptr forum if u consider devs should look at this.
Zen Pulse + Echoing Reverberation Feedback - In Development / Dragonflight 10.0.5 PTR - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)


No thanks.
Have you used Zen Pulse? It’s actually pretty good for aoe dps.
You know what’s not good? When your target heals to full and Renewing Mist jumps off, and you dont get your double proc.

If anything, do an OR, instead of AND. In fact, just make it Hots in general.

“If the target is affected by one of your heal over time effects, Zen pulse will…”
This way essence font (and Faeline providing it) jumps into the fray.


Uhm yea I’ve used it that’s why I’m posting this.
It does good dps but the difference of using it or not is not a timed key. So the ability is basically reduced to a life saver with Reverberation. Most top MW key runners do not even put a point in these talents.

So basically you either do not bring Zen pulse at all or use it as a big single target heal. So you won’t use it on targets that are full hp so there wouldn’t be problem with renewing mist procing echoing.

I mean I’m ok with this… like this is a better version of just what I proposed. I tried to be more balanced to make the ability have some skill required but this is just the easy and better way.

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And here I am having trouble getting Zen Pulse to heal anyone besides myself.

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I’d certainly welcome any HoT triggering reverberation, but if we are talking about someone who needs healing, they are going to have rewnewing mist on them and it isn’t going anywhere. If you just want to press it on CD for DPS, you may as well target yourself with renewing mist and an immediate followup with zen pulse before it wanders away, but, honestly, keeping 5 mists running in M+ is pretty easy for fistweaving (where I assume the issue lies due to the lack of soothing mist channeling) leaving it nowhere to jump usually.

and yeah, I needed some funky clear target / @mouseover / targetlasttarget macros to make it work. Not sure about everyone else.

I’ve tried that macro and still doesn’t work for me. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

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Would love to see a return to the original chi explosion for mistweavers as an alternative to zen pulse. Since no chi you would blast the target with chi energy for damage and heal 3-5 group members. Or if you target a teammate it heals them for more and hurts 5 enemies around them. If they have renewing mist on it would either put renewing mist on all allies affected or a different hot. Would be a nice ability for both fistweaving or mistweaving.

Also a nice change would be to make Gusts of Mist our mastery proc off of rising mists and or teachings of the monastery.

I found a fix.
Make sure auto self-cast is unchecked/turned off in options.
I still need a mouseover macro to make it proc properly, but at least it casts on the friendly target.

Seriously. My mouse over addon does not work with this spell. I just don’t take the talent anymore.

The logic of this spell is so funky. Can we please have a dev make this primarily a heal, then deal damage as secondary effect?

I.e. castable on people regardless of whether there are enemies near by?
Half the time this spell fails to cast on intended target.

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They need to give Zen Pulse the same treatment they’re giving Acid Rain. Merge echoing reverb into the main talent and increase the dps by 120%. Then they need to significantly reduce the cooldown. It would also be nice if I didn’t the get no enemies near target error when I’m in melee range. It’s a cool idea for a ranged mistweaver spell, but the implementation is just bad.

Yes if you heal range dps you cant use it because no enemies are near. I know I said it before but the old talent Chi Explosion back in Warlords of Draenor. It would replace black out kick and it would heal people and do little damage to enemies around them, or damage enemies then heal people around them. It would work teachings of the monastery where you build the stacks and it would heal for more and put a hot on people like the old one did. With it being ranged it would be nice for soothing mist healing or dps healing.

I’ve heard that addons just don’t play nice with Zen Pulse. Even with a mouseover macro, I still have to hit the button then click an ally sometimes for it to actually work.

Tbh, we should all be submitting bug reports for this ability to try to get it some attention.

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This is so true. In the heat of battle how do I even know it worked? I click the tank’s group frame and I have to look and see if the ability went on cooldown to know it worked. And then maybe it cast on myself by accident. It’s just the weirdest spell I’ve experienced as a healer.