<ZAFIRAH> 4/8 Mythic, 8/8 Heroic looking for skilled players

ZAFIRAH is a long-standing Alextrasza/Terokkar guild focused on enjoyable progression. We value a fun yet efficient raid experience without toxicity, and are driven to accomplishing more in less time rather than favoring an aggressive & grueling raid schedule. We’re not just a guild, but a community of friends both long-term and new.

Our community is open-minded, supportive, and welcoming to new players who value the same. We do our best to include everyone in all content when possible. Are you a skilled player but having a bad night? Having some trouble surviving a newly learned mechanic? In our community you’ll never be talked down to or ridiculed. You won’t be publicly shamed. At worst you may be politely asked to sit out on a boss fight so progression can continue, but everyone’s always given opportunities and encouragement to improve. We all learn together, we all get better together.

Our standard raid nights are Monday, Tuesday 7:30pm - 10pm CST. In addition we have a casual Friday raid for those who are looking to do more. Most of us also enjoy running mythic+ dungeon keys and are always open to new players with positive attitudes who wish to join in.

We are currently seeking skilled players with DPS/Tank flexibility but are open to consideration of all specs/classes. If you’re interested in being a part of our growing community please reach out and contact any guild officer in game.

Aeryana - Officer
Akirtai - Officer
Awedorable - Officer/Raid Leader awesome#1849
Chelys - GM Vodod#1181
Sambucca - Banker
Svengunther - Officer


…Make Alexstrasza Great Again

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A raiding Rogue and Fire Mage are currently high our list of needs.

I love this guild! Everyone’s so welcoming to new faces… and Aeryana’s off-night raid is off the chain!

Still looking for that Rogue…

Bump … Now 4/8 M. We are still looking for a Rogue and Shadow Priest must be really dirty. Holy Paladin is also high on the list, unless the rumors of the return of Degom are true. Aeryana called him out so get your front row seat to the potential heal off event of the decade today. ZAFIRAH - Making Alexstrasza Great Again!

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It’s too bad the legend of Degom appears to be an ancient folk tale… recounted by only the eldest of players from a time long forgotten. These fables remind me of Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot stories. I might as well have called out Santa Clause and the Easter bunny.

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Still on the lookout for that rogue. Not just any rogue (has to be exceedingly dirty). Need a nasty, filthy, greasy, grimy rogue. The kind of rogue that eats sloppy joes without a napkin.

Rogue Hpally and Spriests are welcome to trial. Accomplish more in less time…it’s what we do. It’s fine

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