Ysera/Durotan Classic Guild

We’re forming a guild on Classic primarily with players from Ysera and Durotan. Our primary focus is raiding. We already have a decent group of experienced raiders, but we still need more for 40-man raiding; getting us all under one roof will be essential if we’re to pull this off.

The guild is being lead up by Frozenwing, guild master of Chimera on Ysera/Durotan.

Faction: Alliance
Guild name: Leviathan
Raid times: Tuesday/Sunday 8PM-11PM
Realm: Pagle
Realm type: PvE

If you’re interested and want in on the decision making process for the guild name and raid times, contact me (andy#12288 on Battlenet or andy#0389 on Discord) or Frozenwing-Durotan (in-game or on the realm Discord https://discord.gg/cEP22Dy).

If you want to join our guild, but don’t want to raid, don’t hesitate to contact us. It’d be nice to have everyone around still and to have more people around for dungeons (if you’re interested in those).

If your guild is reforming on Classic but doesn’t want to join ours and would like to be on the same realm as a large group of people from Ysera/Durotan, please feel free to join us on Pagle!

This is still a thing.

We’re getting closer to release and we’ll be deciding on raid days/times soon! Join the Classic Discord and give us your input if you intend on joining to raid: https://discord.gg/5nRttg.

If you don’'t want to raid but still want to join the guild, join the Discord for updates on our realm decision when we get an official realm list from Blizzard.

Frozenwing is still around? Wow.

Man, I miss the old Durotan forums.

Yup. Still here


Almost feels like Langston will show back up at this point!

Hello friendos! My God there’s people still here.

Official update: We will be forming our guild on Pagle (Eastern US Normal realm). Guild name to follow in the next few days.

We welcome anyone to join, whether you intend to raid, do dungeons, or just quest/level/experiment.

Heard you are going Alliance. is this true?

For Classic, yes.

I’m only just now realizing that I didn’t state that in the OP, lol.

Since I have not tried Alliance in vanilla, I am considering it. Any idea what the guild name will be? I would really like to get into something with a good community when it drops. Leveling a holy priest really sucks solo

We’ve decided on a guild name, but we’ve opted not to post it because we’re currently dealing with a guy that’s already started harassing our group (he started with taking names). We’ll be posting it once the guild’s formed.

You have Discord, by chance?

I do and I am part of the Ysera/Durotan discord channel. I will search you out sometime this weekend. I just made my alliance dwarf priest on Pagel. I am just a little busy at this time today to link up on discord (husband is home currently) :smiley:

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Updated the OP with the guild name.

PM me or Freezus on Pagle and we’ll throw you an invite to Leviathan!

Why roll Alliance ? is there some specific advantage over Horde in Classic?

Glorious. Some of us from Domination already made characters on Kirtonos Horde; Attenuation, Marcus, Tooler, Marcellos. Come say hi! (Character: Veronika , guild: )

Realized I haven’t updated this post in a while.

We’re doing well on Pagle. Playing semi-casually still, full guild raid cleared everything a few weeks ago. We’re still recruiting DPS if anyone’s interested, could use a couple warlocks.