Ysera Vanilla Players?

Is anyone here still playing that did play in Vanilla? I came to Ysera back in 2005-06 I think it was with a guild Death dealers from Silverhand to open the gates with several other guilds. I remember being in ZG in the middle of the night and them being ninja’d, my guild fell apart as only half of them that finished all the questline were able to log in and bang the gong. I was wondering if anyone else remembers this, or even played back then? Maybe anyone from Death Dealers still around?

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The question may be, is anybody still around who still reads the realm forums.

I played on Durotan from the release of the game till when all the Horde left foe Arygos when we had the never ending log in queues.

I’m still on Arygos but check the Durotan forums about once a month or so.

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Yup. I sitll play here and there but often take breaks cause it’s not the same game anymore but I will probably keep playing until I leave real life into the next. I started on Terenas and moved to ysera in early 2005 after the intense lags on Terenas preventing my guild from killing Nef in BWL (Regicide). Ysera has been my home ever since.

I rolled an Alliance rogue with this name in vanilla. Was in Jaded/Madness/Lunacy all throughout vanilla, BC, and Wrath until my first long break.

I came to Ysera in the first couple of weeks after server inception, when the guild I was in, Agony, jumped from Doomhammer server. Still playing the same toon! I skipped a few expansions but now I’m playing again.

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Created this mage back in BC and it was a blast, I was Andie back then until someone named Andy showed up which forced me to rename cause I kept getting harassed for copying them.

Oh lord. With all the nostalgia of Classic WoW I stumbled upon this. I was one of the peeps who went to Ysera from Death Dealers on Silver Hand. I was a Dwarf Pally (Maliky). I ended up being in Eclipse. Then Eclipse split into two – There was a rift between guild lead and an officer. So There were two guilds of ex-Death Dealer players. Equilibrium (Which I was the Pally class lead for a year or two) and Risen. Good times for sure.

I might be playing classic when it comes out, oh and btw , ignore my guild tag on this character cause i"m no longer in that guild, it died.

There’s a decent-sized group from various guilds on Ysera/Durotan looking to raid on Classic. It’s being lead up by Frozenwing of , hit him up if that’s something you might be interested in. We need more people. :^)

Tomten! Omg, Skorba from the Regulars here. Hope things are going well with you.

Man, this brings back some memories. Dramatan forever!

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Ah, a ghost from the time when you could PUG a Battle Ground and know most of the others on your team, and many of those on the other team. I truly do miss that.

Was here during server opening on my Orc Rogue “Landfill/Arthos”. Soooooo long ago.

I joined Ysera right on its opening. Paige the holy priest was my first character and I saw a warrior called Corwon recruiting so joined Empyrean. I remember how great the guild was and how friendly everyone was. I just wanted to be a good healer and got my benediction and tier 2.

So I remember when server transfers opened. In some ways due to the scepter issue from the Axion guild guy who rang the gong before maintenance but at least I think Sparc managed to get his mount.

I switched to leveling paladin and I saw the influx of guilds from other servers. As Empyrean fizzled our a little and had progressed as much as could I decided to make my paladin Hilary and joined Equilibrium. Again some great players there. I won’t forget the GM Calistohelix the great Druid Lindele and her husband the warlock (name escapes me at the moment) Maliky the paladin the list goes on.

Indeed a number of players on server I respected. Averhelm was an amazing healer, Graciela the priest. Isis the mage. Ursaul the warrior. I remember another warlock we recruited I can’t remember his name but he was great too. Was just fun times. We raided through BC and died early in Wrath. I got a promotion at work so had to leave the guild I was in at time and I never joined a raiding guild again. Am returning to classic and made alliance priest on Mankrik

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Won’t ever forget that opening getting ninja’d. Played Alliance then, though. Fun times indeed.

Hilary! Wow. What a throw-back! I hope all is well, old friend. I often think about the good old days when we raided together. I am going to be rolling Alliance on Westfall. If you ever find yourself on there, look for Barnaby, the gnome Mage I will be rolling. I undoubtedly will also recreate Maliky for old time’s sake. Nice to hear from you.

Not to bump an old thread, but remember most of the names mentioned here!

Schmuck Holy Paladin until I lost my account around Nax40. :frowning: