Ysera-Durotan Community Discord

Ysera-Durotan Community is a growing, community focused Discord Server, created specifically for our connected realms & across both factions.

Everyone is welcome, new players and experienced players alike.


or you can DM Nimbly#7972 as well.

see ya there

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You, or anyone that’s interested in it, could just take over running the old realm Discord. There’s still a few active members and we have most relevant third party Discord vanity URLs.

It’d require some dusting off, resources and such would have to be updated, but we have a handful of members that still chat in here and people are still joining despite it not being advertised for a while.

Those of us that were running it either moved on to Classic or other games when BFA threw retail into a nosedive. Personally, I expect to want to try Shadowlands, but don’t really see myself having the same passion I used to for the game based on what the beta looks like (and due to that my interest in maintaining the realm Discord wouldn’t be there).

I noticed you’re already in the old server, message me on Discord if you’re interested. I’ve had experience running a few active 500+ member servers and can help you get things going as well.

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Update: I’ve spoken with Nimbly and decided to shut down the old Discord to avoid splitting our community further than it already is. Anyone that has it should move to this one as most invite links to the old one will be deleted and it will remain inactive.

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