You're just like everyone else now : )

Season of dkp

Nobody’s still stuck on Kelris. I only run pugs and have killed him several times. Quit being idiotic because you can’t cheat anymore.

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Git gud tbh. Biggest cope I’ve ever seen ever.

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How am I cheating again?

If the anti-GDKP crowd could read they’d be upset at you.

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You seem to be the one having trouble with reading

Go on n cope now

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Better stop using the AH. That promotes RMT too little bro.

Admitting you were jealous of other people for negotiating better loot deals is a bad look.
obligatory RMT = bad

Better accept that AH is fine and you won’t be doing GDKP anymore.

One blue post GG’d your whole reality.


I mean, I’m pretty content with my 86 average without Sayge buff, 3 set, enchants, and half of my BiS.

The bigger cope seems to be trying to convince yourself there is much meaningful skill difference in vanilla WoW instead of admitting to yourself 95% of your performance was already determined by gear.

But by all means, prove me wrong. Do a BFD run without items acquired inside the raid or spending 100g+ on the AH and show me a 95 overall and I’ll gladly eat my hat.
Heck I’ll settle for you showing me any purple overall.

I got a 95th best average on my warrior wielding a Fathomblade at all times. Rest of the gear is BFD however

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I’m not sure what delusions you’re operating under, but walking into a raid instance with 10,000g or 0g doesn’t change the loot seed one iota.

…nor does being besties with the RL/GL
…nor does having the most DKP saved up
…nor does being at the top of the Loot Council list
…nor does having “lucky” dice rolls


Well of course.

But more enjoyably, prove it.

That’s what you think.

These people think there’s a vendor that sells raid loot at the front of the instance or something. Stop smoking crack kids.

Go on and find out then

Well I already had one guy tell me in whispers to commit suicide and the GM saw it and did nothing. So I don’t think this GDKP ban is gonna be enforced.

Oh and you know why he said that? I was advertising a GDKP.

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you know if youre upset about gdkps being banned , instead of giving in and taking the bait on obvious troll posts, do what they do and report all the troll posts in mass.

get them locked like they do to people in game .

its obvious bait and trolling so you would have more of an effect reporting them.

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I did report him. Gm Daerdrin didn’t care about it.