Your Two Cents on Shadowlands?

What are your two cents on Shadowlands?

Please be constructive and civil. If you didn’t like SL, don’t ramble, be polite. If you liked it, explain why also.


Solid start, but needs some polish. Especially in the casual play portion.

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Shadowlands = Okay, better than BFA. But could be & should be better.

9.1 needs to do 3 things for me to comeback.
Only reason I have a sub right now is because of that bundle.

  • Dramtically reduce the amount of time-gating that is literally every where for every system.
  • And as “generic” I guess as this is on the forums now a days. I’m a say it anyways, #PullTheRipcord Covenants needs it. Otherwise the system is doomed to fail for various reasons.
  • Rework the Maw

Otherwise I enjoy Torghast, sure some minor improvements could be done. But overall it’s a enjoyable solo* thing to do. Majority of the leveling zones were awesome my first time through. Maldraxxus felt a bit lazy with the VA’s and the terrain but other than that it was fun.

Covenants in general are an awesome idea that I hope Blizzard expands in the future. But the restrictions that have been stupidly placed for one reason or another just kills them completely.

Depending on what content comes next, as to my knowledge we know very little of what might be ahead. This expansion could be great if not equal to Legion, if Blizzard doesn’t F things up. But Legion didn’t start the best either so there’s still hope IMO.

About tree fiddy


Had high hopes. Still hoping I get to see Sylvanas get hers - still need Justice.

Not really enjoying it as a solo casual player who prefers to level then relieves while doing world quests on main. I assume the people who love PvP, Raiding and Mythic+ love it. Not much for me, especially with the horrible vertical design of the zones.

I gave up and was going to go back to EQ and maybe dual box a TLP server, but got talked into doing Classic instead.

The only thing I log into Retail for right now is doing Argent tournament dailies (yeah dailies from Wrath!) and maybe mission tables…

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I wish I had two cents lol


I enjoy it. The story is good, the zones and music are cool. It’s all new lore, so I’m enjoying eating it all up. Torghast is fun, the dungeons are all fairly entertaining. Raid is just okay. I like that the covenants all have unique abilities.

Most fun I’ve had since Wrath, tbh.

So far it seems pretty good. Story is decent, really love the Venthyr covenant

My only complaint is I just hit 60, and all the systems I got thrown on me are a bit overwhelming. The game doesn’t really explain them very well either, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out

For 17 year old game WoW is great and SL is great.

SL is great because PVP vendors are back
SL is great because PVE content is so good, those dungeons are just gud looking

Not bad but could just some improvements.

Far more easy of a fix than BfA was in my opinion.

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My $0.02: I like it. Having fun. I like this way better than BFA.

I still miss Legion though. Weird. I’m remembering hitting 116 and going ‘wow, I can really feel the difference without the legendaries…’ up until my 5th or 6th alt. I missed azerite and essences for like a week.

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All the pieces are there, but it needs balancing and refinement. That said, I’m enjoying it.

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Just going by the game modes one by one I will say…

M+: Repetitive, Boring, Unrewarding.
Raiding: Not bad, raiding is raiding.
PVP: More fun than its been in a while but im not going to grind rating.
World quests: Suck
Covenants: Time gated frill. Pretty indifferent about this.
Torghast: Could have been fun, but kinda sucks.

I’d give everything a 5/10. Its very average but WoW is WoW and if you are in an on cycle where you have the itch i think theres some fun to be had.

As somewhere in between a casual and a mythic raider, I don’t really see a point in doing any content besides a M+ once a week. They dungeons don’t drop anything interesting, and progressing through heroic rarely drops gear. I generally get one upgrade a week and it is from my chest. Even if I could spam 15s (I can’t) I would likely not get anything particularly useful. I don’t feel like any effort expended is likely to reward anything so I just raid log for my guild’s sake and run dungeons when guild people ask.

Edit: Also, I was looking at trying pvp again this expansion but quickly decided it was not really balanced in a way I liked. I don’t like high burst where I can get hit from more than half my health from one ability. Also, I was running a comp that was not particularly meta and I really felt it. I can’t be bothered to reroll because X class happens to be FOTM for a comp.

Edit Two: Before anyone asks why I still play, it is simply because of my guild and friends playing.

It’s alright. It just needs more lazers, ninjas, and demon hunter vulperas.

In serious mode. It feels small.

It’s not worth 2 cents.

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Class balance is janky.
Dungeons are too long.
Loot is too small.
PVP is broken.
Too many daily and weekly tasks.
Raid is alright but not worth the time.
Tower is an interesting idea but soul ashes are boring.
Covienant halls are boring.
Zones look ok but hard to get around in despite being tiny.
Story makes no sense.
No murgle plushie yet?
Too many systems and currencies.
Not good for alts.


It seems like Covid really hampered development. I would love to hear them talk about how much at Blizzcon.

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I think its above average overall. Easily better than BFA, but it has its issues.

Some of the complaints on this forum are beyond ridiculous.

A lot of people already said what I wanted to say but right now it’s a 5/10 expansion for me. It’s nothing I see myself playing 6+ hours a day. There are some good ideas but most of them are so very poorly executed. It also doesn’t help that the activities that you do feel very unrewarding. This could partially be blamed on legion/bfa. But then again it’s a GAME at the end of the day.