Your Trollful Ways

A few years back I played in a very “try hard” Mythic progression guild. A group of us were going for Gold Challenge Modes. A very know-it-all shaman who shall remain nameless kept nagging me to bring a certain type of pet after complaining that it was a waste of his time and that he was just carrying the rest of us anyway. I gave him a nickname over voice coms that was close enough to “louse” that it had the rest of the group in stitches.

Needless to say, I showed up at the dungeon entrance and summoned the pet, which was named “ShutUp”+the nickname.

Good Times.

One time I convinced this guy I could trim his runeplate so I took him into the wildy and me and the boys jumped him and took his stuff.

I posted in the CC Wrath Classic thread, cause this bothers me lol.

I don’t troll people :man_shrugging: I’d rather waste as little time as possible when I’m in game.

where is that and can i access this?

Here’s my post on it, someone else brought it up before me too, but I still wanted to chime in, lol.


oooh thats what it means by community council threads, i can’t respond at all and agree / share my piece. You and that panda hit the nail on the head with dungeon finder and anxiety and so on. The only things going foward I would like to see but are not deal breakers by far is Transmogification and New model / Old Model switch like they had in Dreanor before they removed it because they updated animations in the new models without doing it to the old.

I dont need new animations with the new models… i just dont want seeing pixels all over my face and hair :frowning:

In SoA battleground, I used to stand at the edge of the boat that brought you to shore spam jumping. I’d then say somethin like: “Oh, when did they add a wall here?! You used to be able to jump off the ship!”

Then watch like 5 people jump from the moving ship into the water. Was a LONG swim unless DK or Shaman, pretty sure they ended up fixing it before removing the BG.

I used to raid, used to leap of faith people into lava during our toilet breaks in Firelands.

Back in BC and WotLK, I played a hunter. I used to tame a insert generic mob that was common around the enemy factions first levelling zone (taming a boar in old orc starting area). Then I used to control the pet with an old spell “Eyes of the beast” or something, toggle it to walk, instead of running speed. Then just walk strange patterns with the pet. Eventually a new leveller would attack the pet, thinking it was a mob, would flag their PvP and I could kill them :sweat_smile:

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I don’t troll people in game, though the closest I got to it was back in 2005 (or maybe 2006 can’t remember the exact date) in Vanilla WoW I was getting camped on my Forsaken Holy Priest by a Night Elf Hunter and Human (Male) Paladin in Silithus.
(I was slightly cranky after he and his friend camped my Priest for over 1 hour)

As I was playing with a friend who bought his laptop over, I decided to get on his laptop and log onto one of his Alliance low level toons and began whispering that I was being camped by Horde in Tanaris and required help. The Night Elf hunter answered “On my way!”.

What the poor sap didn’t realise was that some of my Horde guild friends were waiting for him in Tanaris (not far from Gadgetzan) so when he arrived with his chum, he was mercilessly attacked and camped by my guild friends :grin:

I then whispered to him “How do you feel?”, in which he replied with alot of swearing and cursing :laughing:

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Even discounting the cursing, communicating cross-faction for reasons like that was against the Terms of Use back then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they dropped it from the ToU when they added the ability for Demon Hunters to talk to each other (and retroactively applied it to Pandaren, and then Void Elves/Blood Elves later)

Blood elves and void elves can talk to each other, in new dalaran sewers there is a potion that allows you to understand the opposing faction so if both players drink it cross faction is a thing… it really soared in popularity with moonguard goldshire… not that i would know…

Says the Horde player…

Should change WoW to WoD taking place on Draenor where humans are a small tribe who were picked on by cruel centaurs so they joined the Alliance.

Yea I know haha, that’s why I mentioned them.

I’ve had random convos with Blood Elves out in the world before.

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Racials are pretty even, and only really matters for high end like mythic raiding or arena ratings with 2000+ rating.

Horse mounts from BFA is the same as wolf mounts for horde in WoD

Theramore bombing the hordes alternate base in swamp of sorrows was small and really not important so alliance had a free big non capital city all this time and it was removed which made it more fair.

Story driven themes: Alliance always want to be the good guys so the story is set up where horde does something bad alliance reacts but when alliance tries to do evil things for horde to react the community has a melt down. Thats what you asked.

Population numbers: Racials could or could not damaged it but Alliance has always been the more casual and childish faction. The hardcore die hard players were always Horde, with high end content being the only content in the game its not the hordes fault for the alliance having no pride with their faction and abondoning it.

Lore: Alliance never lost a war with Horde in WoW horde is constantly shat on in the lore. Not my fault that you guys can’t be gods and never have anything negative ever happen to you ever.

In wrath I traded a shard for the 2h axe which dropped off Saurfang 10m. Then I gemmed it with int abnd spirit with a crusader enchant …

… on my hunter.

Then posted it in trade while walking through Org and claimed the guy who used to do nothing but stand on the mailbox and be obnoxious had told me it was how I was supposed to have it gemmed/enchanted.

He was livid … as we’re a large number of warriors/DK’s. Got a lot of hate messages criticizing my intelligence. It was glorious.

As I mentioned I was using my friends Alliance toon to communicate with the Hunter.

Still I was able to communicate with Alliance players via mind control :slight_smile:

Hmm… pondering. It was the battlegrounds that killed off the Alliance players. The Alliance suffered severe loses. That can’t be coincidence. The Horde got their free bike and a statue in front of the Blizzard building.

We did not write the Alliance storyline. The Horde was always the antagonist since the beginning. Everyone loves the heroic villain. Did the Horde tip the scales with better players? Seriously doubt it. Alliance players are tired of unexplained losses and expansions that cater to the Horde.

The bike that the Horde can no longer obtain even on this day? The bike that can never come back so if you weren’t logged on as a horde player between a specific date you can never have it again? That bike? Or are you referring to the alliance bike sitting in stormwind that can be bought at any time when ever by any alliance player and will never disappear? I’m sure glad the horde won that!

Again: Alliance is the casual chill faction of course they would perform poorly against a die hard dedicated playerbase who basically lives and breathes world of warcraft. Everyone loves the villian in this case because the alliance is the same goody two shoes faction from other universes like Lord of the rings, Warhammer, Narnia, literally any movie with the humans being in the center of the holy good faction against what ever evil faction is in their universe.

Its not humanitys fault thats what people like and why it keeps getting copy pasted with a different coat of paint. Horde players rather having something different and unique the underdog if you will. There is no unexplained losses and expansions that really cater to Horde. BC maiev tricked both factions that illidan was some evil big bad. So she duped both factions it wasn’t about either one.

Wotlk: Alliance ICC raid is the canon so horde just gets F’ed there, the wrath gate both forces suffered greatly with the horde suffering even more with the battle for undercity.

Cata: The story focuses between thrall and malfurion with each faction going into the world doing their thing. Horde loses yet another gun airship and just gets tossed to the side.

Mists: Horde are the bad guys, have a civil war, and the alliance pretty much gets to take advantage of the entire situation and depowers the powerhouse thats the horde.

Dreanor: Shows the orcish’s evil past and pretty much shuns them, Yrel gets a lot of spot light with the alliance and horde gets… a depressed thrall that becomes irrelevant losing the last great character with a ton of power.

Legion: Oh look hordes the bad guys again and we lose vol’jin to a random demonic mob the actual warchief getting 1v1ed by a random demon, damn thats brutal. Then genn greymane completely destroys the forsaken armada making the horde even weaker.

BFA: Sylvanas starts another horde civil war and kills saurfang damn the hits keep comin and they dont stop comin, horde loses undercity like alliance loses teldrassil. The scales power tip more towards balance outside of alliance dominance. BUT WAIT Theres more! Horde lost all their eastern kingdoms regions except eversong woods and ghostlands. Its all alliance controlled, not only that but the alliance reclaimed darkshore and ashenvale woods, Horde completely lost everything at this point. But its the alliance who keeps losing what?

Shadowlands: This expansion is pretty much non canon to me and doesn’t really focus on anything other than sylvanas redemption ark and Tyranda actually not dying to the pact she made with elune so i call it a fair trade.

Not to mention all the horde leaders we have lost compared to the minimal amount of alliance leaders.

Oh, all the time. I’m hilarious! (To me :rofl:)

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The most troll thing I ever did was use the “Shard of N’zoth” toy so that I could have both Alli and Horde gang up on me when I didn’t do anything to them to deserve it.

I could feel my Amani ancestors smiling down on me that day. :sleepy: