Your RP Style and looking for fellow RPers

So, I am returning to the game after a little extened absence. I started my WOW life in 2005 on another RP server mainly RPing and questing… As the years passed I moved on to OOC play and Raiding until end of wrath of the Litch King. Since then I have kinda been one foot in/one foot out player… Poping in and out, but never for long. Since the recent events that have shaken the Real world and left me working from home full time, I have returned to my beloved game… In doing so I have really thought about what made me happiest in all the years I have playewd and I would have to say it was the first five to six years of Rping and so with the new expansion on the horizon I have chosen to return to my life as an RPer.

In the beginning we never really were consistant with lore but what we thought the charc might be like. I am looking at how other RPer are playing their toons and backstories… as well as possibly finding some friends to join up and asventure with…

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