Your rarest title?

According to that site, mine is the Tactician.

Probably “The Camel Hoarder”.

Field Marshal

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It looks like has fixed their title page errors. Looks like my rarest title, which is also the rarest title polled, is Talon’s Vengeance. My next two highest are the Tactician and Justicar.

Edit: Forgot Talon’s Vengeance is a short time title. I thought it stayed permanently one you got the mount/exalted. I have Knight on and old character and Master Sergent on another character. One has a full set of the Argent Dawn event in leather and cloth. The other still has Dartol’s Transforming Rod.

Either my vanilla champion or cata hero.

According to that website my marshal title is more rare than my grand marshal.


Says my rarest is “the Indomitable” but that doesn’t feel right considering that wasn’t too hard to earn. Next rarest are “the Proven Healer” and “Herald of the Titans”.

I see some titles missing from this list. I’m about to earn “the Esteemed” which I’m pretty sure will be my rarest at that point :stuck_out_tongue: Just need one more week to finish out Hydraxian and I’ll finally have over 100 reps exalted!


DRAGON SLAYER…Er…Back in the day, you know? Now anyone can get it…sigh…

Purifier, Chosen, Predator

I guess you can count all the proven roles as well, the black harvest title, indomitable… etc

I can’t get that site to work for me very well, even after disabling ads, so here are some of what I think are my rarest:

Seeker of Knowledge
Lord of the Reins
all 12 class titles

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Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions


Private from classic.

I honestly thought Proven Defender would be a very common compared to most titles, never really expect it to be second compared to Huojin’s Fall.

The Camel-Hoarder. :rofl: I found the figurine on accident while farming ore during Cata. I love the title. It’s hilarious.

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How is that rhe last rep you need???

If I stay focused and stick to my guns I think I got a shot at the very obscure, super secret the Idiot title I so richly deserve.

Honestly, why wouldn’t it be? Molten Core is a nightmare for rep, and every boss only drops 2 items so you never get what you’re actually there for. That’s why I put it off so long, myself.

Champion of the Naaru and Hand of A’dal

according to the site

Conqueror of Naxxramas 0.2%

Celestial Defender 0.2%

Magic Seeker 0.2%

Obsidian Slayer 0.2%

According to your link Scarab Lord is 0.02%.

I have no idea which are rare since the site won’t work, but one I know I at least worked on (which is rare since I don’t typically care about titles much) was Predator, and I don’t see a lot of people using it so I don’t know how common it is. Wasn’t really hard to get, but took a bit of grinding. Really easy to get now.