Your old friend Partyrock (Kul Tiras)

Malevolence people? Crimson Wrath? Wolfpac? Old Timers Guild? I’m on Atiesh for Classic. Wanna re-learn the game with me? Let’s do it. Then get into some BGs and melt some faces.

Where is Antihero. I know you’re around bro haha. Lambchop! Where are you?

Whats up my man, long time, a lot of us have moved on / arent playing as much. Anti is still hitting it pretty hard in classic, I know syk is around. Hope you’re doing well!

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Woa hey Chimeradon.
I’m back on my original account with Partyrock in retail on Kul Tiras. I mean I haven’t played retail since really vanilla so I have no idea what’s going on anymore and what I’m doing. Haha

But I’m gonna play anyway and see what happens.

Hey Partyrock,

Lichlady the Guild leader of Crimson Wrath here :slight_smile:

I’m playing a hunter on TBC Classic on Remulos an oceanic server. Enjoying the old content with less than 300ms ping times

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Hey Lichlady! Good ol CW. The best.
Are you doing WotLK? I’m trying out retail again back on Kul Tiras.