Your Favorite WoW Lore Trivia

My favorite is WoW’s lore explanation to why NPC Mages like Khadgar and Jaina can teleport wherever they like while players only have a few select locations to choose from.

Long story short: It’s against the law to teleport to non-designated places without a special license.

Rule #1: Do not create a portal to anywhere but the designated Kirin Tor drop-off zones. The most dangerous aspect of the portal spell is its vast potential. We realize it’s easy for a mage to create a door to anywhere, so our only way to combat such potentially deadly acts is to make it punishable by death. Special Issue License D-6 permits open portal usage, but is rarely issued.

Jaina got the license. Khadgar got the license. You don’t have the license lol



Kill Heroic Argus during the third invasion of the Burning Legion and save the entire planet from destruction? The Kirin Tor will show their appreciation by gifting you a purple bird, but not a portal license that would prevent said Kirin Tor from executing you in the future.

Maybe Archimonde had the right idea about them.


To be fair, being a good titanslayer doesn’t mean you would be a responsible portal opener lol


Death seems a little extreme. What if it’s an emergency? Like you need a bathroom and aren’t going to make it in time? Or it’s 3am and you want donuts, but the only shop open this late is across town?

I’m just saying there should be a grey area where unlicensed teleports can be overlooked. :smile:



My question is, how will they know? Is there a detection method for when someone has teleported to an undesignated zone in the world? Yes? Ok cool, why can’t players track that? No? Then I’ll be teleporting to the inside of instances from now on :smiley:

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Calia almost married Deathwing.

this wasnt meant to be a reply oops

The crown of Terenas Menethil (Arthas’ father) was recovered and has been interred in a humble grave next to the Stormwind Lighthouse, gazing out to sea.

Have you seen Outland?

Unregulated portal usage is extremely hazardous to the environment.
I didn’t get my eyes ripped out and eat a demon’s heart to watch my planet get torn apart because Joe the mage had too much felweed and opened a portal into the mantle of the planet instead of the nearest Kul Tiran snack-shoppe.

Just to be clear, are you suggesting opening a portal to a bathroom, or opening a portal to go to the bathroom…?