You were so close blizzard

if you’re spamming 50 m+ a week you arent qing arenas

so how is this a problem again? even if you were lucky enough to get at least 1 piece per 5 runs, theres zero guarantee that any of those pieces are for a different slot, zero guarantee its even a piece you want, and its not even higher ilvl than what you can get from arena or the raid

i can already get higher ilvl gear than anyone spamming m+

even if they did still have random drops from arena (which were lower ilvl) it still wouldnt be good enough to compete with the system we have right now, which is guaranteed gear that we want for specific slots with ideal stats

you can keep malding at m+ gear all you want, they nerfed the ilvl and droprate on that gear extremely hard

My sanity, my job

Crazy, streamer/PvP who does carries getting carried by mythic raiders clears M+.

Listen homie, I was white-knighting for blizz when PvP vendors were out. No longer the case after seeing the 550 conquest cap. I’m trying as hard as you are in an attempt to rationalize why only being able to purchase a ring from a vendor this week far exceeds the amount of gear you’re able to obtain from spamming PvE content.

You stated you can already get higher ilvl gear than anyone spamming m+, I assume you mean you’re doing so by PvP alone? Please enlighten me on how you are doing this so I can stop malding. Thanks bro.

So umm… I think you all have a misunderstanding of how this works.

1st week - 550
2nd week - 1100 (on top of the 550 previous week)
3rd week - 1650 (in addition to 1100+550)

So after 3 weeks you would have earned a total of 3,350 conquest.

That’s not bad at all.

They literally spelled it out for you, and you still whiffed.

(psst, that means in week 3 it’d be 1650)

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pve is not that hard or time consuming lmao.

I didn’t see that lol but o well. Go pve

bro you do realize you could pretty much only buy rings first week of the season before wod right

Did M+ exist before WoD?

1750 baseline conquest in WoD.

Weapon was 3500 aka 2 weeks to obtain.
Trinket, boots,gloves etc were 1650 so you could obtain it in the first week.

Conquest cap right now is effectively nerfed by 350 conquest and rating doesn’t influence it. It’s actually a lot worse lol

That isn’t true at all.
You used to get nearly 2K Conquest / week back in the Cata / MoP / WoD days. You could literally get your weapon during Week #2.

A 2h taking 4 weeks to earn right now feels real bad ngl.

1500 plus 200 from winning Ashran. Weapon wasn’t obtainable until week 3 in WOD unless you obtained a rating of 1900 in week 1, which made it available in week 2. Not obtainable until week 4 now.

The base Conquest cap in Cata started out at like 1300, but could go up on a scale with your rating. The minimum then is comparable to the minimum now.

A quick Google search shows that you could get your weapons in Cata / MoP / WoD at Week # 2 and Week #3, depending on how well you did and you could also still buy pieces Week #1 and then get your weapon during Week #2/#3.

It is NOT the same as Shadowlands so stop regurgitating misinformation.

Amazing, its almost like this is exactly what I said in my last post.

I didnt say it was the same, I said it was comparable. A little slower than it used to be from points alone but compensated by the fact that you can get a free piece from the Great Vault.

I’m pretty sure Blizzard’s logic behind not having the Conquest cap scale with rating was that they didn’t want the amount of gear obtained to change via rating, just the ilvl of the gear which can then be upgraded at any point you get said ranking.

Might wanna look up the definition of comparable.

Pretty much this.

Honor gear was eqhivalent to heroic raid gear in instanced pvp or we had pvp stats on gear. It helped out a ton back then because you got the blue gear and it was 2nd best until you got your epic gear, atm you can raid/m+ to fill in gaps whereas before it wasn’t needed at all. It’s still miles better than bfa but it has flaws.

I think you don’t understand how it works. oh well you will find out next week.