You wake up and suddenly, Averyx is gone

Well, it’s that time now. Less than 12 hours until my game time ends.

Eh, if you’ve seen my posts around here you’ll know that I’m quite disenchanted with WoW. Truth is I only came back using the token I had left to take some screenshots for references and post about Draenei customization feedback. I did both.

Of course with that I also came to GD to post with you for a bit, it is quite entertaining after all, more than WoW, I’d have stayed for that alone with Tokens but I would only do that if I had enough return for the same amount a token takes per month, and I played so little WoW I barely made 60k back and used 30k of those to buy these awesome glasses hah.

Didn’t do much this month really. Got a pink elekk for my huntress, she’s a draenei so it fits. Got that HS rat, and finished my transmog set, so that’s nice.

Anyway time for me to go.

Check the Draenei Customization Thread. Keep it alive. I won’t be able to maintain it obviously, so you are also free to copy stuff from there for a new thread if you want, but you can still jut use it.

Leaving my characters back in their home cities or whatever is the closest equivalent to that nowadays hah.

  • Averyx, you say, Can I have the rest of your gold then?

No, I’ll need it here if I ever return because I need more screenshots or so. I’d only do it with a token.

  • But Averyx, you say, where can I find you now?

Wherever the wind blows.

Goodbye friends. Hope you get your elf skins, and your draenei runes, and your worgen tails, and even your…-vomits toads- troll beards. And all the other stuff you want.


Rip in rip

Was a nice change to see light-hearted threads for a bit instead of the usually doom n gloom troll posts

Hope you enjoy whatever you do next


It is a good day for flying.

One less poster on the forums…


Sweetest ah revoir ever. :hugs: Thank you for the link. Happy trails, may we meet again. :butterfly:





LOL I saw the title and thought Averyx was a story character in the game I couldn’t remember, so I was thinking “Hmm ok, is that Thrall’s sister? Or maybe Sylvanas’s daughter? The Jailers mom?”

Phew, dodged a bullet, now I can still pretend I know lore stuff.


Aww… we’ll miss you! :two_hearts:

Come find us on Discord. You can hang out in the Murloc Spot. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s up to us now…

I wait at the foot of someone’s bed for them to awaken.



Close your eyes, I didn’t ask for a night-light and it’s bright enough in here at night.
mumbles some more and rolls over, trying to hide their head in a pillow.

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WoW will always wait for you…


Thanks. I’m not off Blizzard TBH. Mostly nowadays what I play is OW haha. Though I do need to start the last route of FE3H.

Flying is always good.

Aww, thanks. Goodbye friend.

For any doubts a quick google search + wowpedia does the trick.

Bruh, is that discord still alive? haha

I should try to get my discord password back. I had that on my browser but then I had to change it to my work discord because…work, but then I barely ever used that too because I’m just so bad at discord haha.

Step on them with your hoof!.

I’ll bring the megaphone.

Bruh that episode is the saddest thing ever.


Autai, you were my favorite! /hug
Will miss you.

Had to change to the velf, because I can’t post twice in a row hah.


Oyeah. They’re not going anywhere. It’s only been in existence since the end of June anyway. lol


Take care Averyx!

Oh no, another good bye post. I care about this one, no really I do. :roll_eyes:

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noooo don’t leave us with the thalassians.

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GD will be a little more boring during work breaks. But happy trails to ya’!

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