You took away the only way to afk in Torghast?

Are you kidding me Blizzard? The only way to deal with your STUPID mechanic where I have to stay in combat all the time or I get attacked by your STUPID mobs was to get a mawrat on you so you could take a bathroom break in the middle of this tedious as hell crap you developed. But nooooooooooooooooooo.


I have no damage shield at all and mawrats now take damage when they attack me. Many of us complained about this mechanic and instead of listening you made it worse. You deserve for the bulk of your finances to be gone when all the casuals leave this game.


Yea that mechanic was a terrible input as it forces the player to HAVE to finish torghast otherwise they might as well die. You can’t even sit in Floor 3 without that mechanic bothering you which floor 3 is supposed to be a SAFE ZONE. Blizz really didn’t think a lot of the Torghast stuff through.

Well now they took away the only counter to it, mawrats. They die in two hits now when attacking you. I thought I had some damage shield buff on or something but no, they must have put it in there to grief us further.

I just dont get why they would force such a thing. Blizz is really turning Torghast into a joke.

I died at the start of a floor last night. Released and wasn’t in combat and got merc’d by an assassin. I had zero chance to get into combat.

dude your a night elf you can just shadowmeld i did it on my dh

There’s a room at the start of every floor that you can afk in.

I’m not sure, but I sat there for 10 minutes next to the trader to wait for my cooldowns after dying to the boss. Never saw the guy pop up. I may have been exceedingly lucky, but I feel like 10 minutes is enough time to guarantee a spawn. Maybe chill near trader dude idk.

You see I am posting on a lvl 26 classic toon right?

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you can just finish a floor and go afk at the beginning of the next one for as long as you want. just don’t move on the new floor or you lose the buff that protects you.

and you can afk at the floor 3/6 vendor bubbles

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Trader bro’s bubble is meant to protect you from torments. If you look at your debuffs, you’ll notice the one which says things will spawn disappears upon entering trader bro’s bubble.

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That’s the thing. After you die to the boss once he doesn’t have the bubble anymore. At least he didn’t for me. I sat next to him and still had the debuff plus the normal one where you can’t change talents.

Oh, I see what you’re saying. Blizzard did release a post though stating those torments would no longer spawn on boss floors. It’s over in the hotfix thread on the main page from December 11th.


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